Well past time for an update.

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Well past time for an update.

Post by Fel »

So, I've been gone a while.

The reason is I've been sick. I caught covid again, but this time it took FOREVER for me to get over it. Like over a month.

Long covid is a thing. I'm just glad that I finally shook it off, some people aren't so lucky. It's thrown just about my entire life into chaos, from nearly losing my job from being out sick for nearly 6 weeks to the adventures of having to drive to and from the store to buy food when I could barely walk.

I'm still not feeling 100%, but I have had the energy to write. The problem is, the long hiatus has wrecked my progress on Revelation. I've completely lost track of what I wanted to write there, so I've had to more or less rebuild everything I had in mind from scratch. So, that story's gonna be delayed a little bit until I can get back to where I can make progress again.

But fear not. While I was sick, I delved into the archives of my many story concepts and pulled up something I think I can clean up and release. As you guys know, I do a lot of "test chapters" where I write the first chapter of a story idea just to get a feel for it, and while most of them are awful, there have been a couple that I consider decent enough to allow people to read.

Once I clean it up, I'm gonna post it in the next few days. It's from like 10 years ago and it was saved in .rtf format, so I'll have to run it through Word and spend some time making int presentable. I'd like you guys to read it and give me some honest feedback on it.

The story's premise is that a regular guy from the regular world just happens to also be the familiar of a magician in another dimension. The story follows how his life changes and evolves when the magicians of that world find out that they've been summoning actual living people to serve as familiars, as well as the fact that the familiars find out they can use magic back in the real world, that the connection between them and their magician partners goes both ways. What makes it even more fun is that when he's summoned to the other world, he's an entirely different person with a different personality that is completely separate from him, interacting with each other through the memories they share between themselves and rare moments where they can talk directly.

I'll have that chapter up probably on Tuesday. I'm back at work now that I'm testing negative, and since I still don't feel fully healthy, that wipes me out. I'll work on writing on my day off.
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Re: Well past time for an update.

Post by kyli »

Hope you get back to 100% soon.... sending you well wishes.
"I got stabbed. After 10 days of agony, the sword died."
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Re: Well past time for an update.

Post by Robin42069 »

i wish you good health. and you bounce back quickly. being sick sucks.
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Re: Well past time for an update.

Post by Greymist »

Gutted to hear about your recent sickness and troubles. I've friends with long covid and it's nasty, hoping you don't have to push yourself too hard (which can make it worse).

Glad you managed to keep your job (though the idea of being fired for sickness is weird to me :shock: )!

That said, looking forward to any writing you produce!
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Re: Well past time for an update.

Post by Kacoo »

Hope you get better soon Fel.
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Re: Well past time for an update.

Post by ninjafroggie »

Glad to hear you're feeling better
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Re: Well past time for an update.

Post by DigitalMaestro »

Sorry to hear you had such a rough time of it but glad you're coming back from it! Take your time and know that your readers will be here when you're ready to share the next loot drop ;-)
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Re: Well past time for an update.

Post by khyranleander »

Dang, sorry to hear you got covid again and such a bad case! Be well, man, we'll be around whenever you're up to sharing again.
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Re: Well past time for an update.

Post by Fawks »

COVID sucks. I had it last fall. Three days of ~101 degree fever and a couple of months to get rid of the cough.

I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. welll maybe Pot, Hitler, Stalin, Mao. The Marxists who just happen to be the worst mass murderers in world history.

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