Types of Wikuni

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Types of Wikuni

Post by Journeywoman »

I was just wondering, do Wikuni come in all animal shapes? For instance are their bug and/or amphibious Wikuni? So far as I remember we have only seen 'fuzzy' ones (i.e. with fur of some description).
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Re: Types of Wikuni

Post by Fel »

Wikuni are only mammals, avian, or reptilian. There are no amphibian or invertabrate Wikuni. Mammalian Wikuni are the most common. Reptilian Wikuni are rare, but the rarest of all Wikuni are the avian Wikuni.

The reason for this basicly is because the Wikuni gods could only change them to appear as "higher-level" animals. Anything below reptile was too far down on the evolutionary ladder for it to work.

There are rare mammal Wikuni, though. Mammals that are highly different from other mammals, like elephants (because of the trunk) are fairly rare. Tigers, wolverines, and simian Wikuni are also rare. Alligator/crocodile Wikuni are the most common reptilian Wikuni, followed by lizard Wikuni.

There are no snake, gecko, chameleon, platypus, or bat Wikuni. These animals are just too "different" to be Wikuni.
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Re: Types of Wikuni

Post by AmigaDragon »

Until the book 1 epilogue, I thought Keritanima's father would be a fox like she is, not a lion. Does this mean that Wikuni can have children (and siblings) of any Wikuni type?
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Re: Types of Wikuni

Post by Mysterious »

Pretty much yes in that they can any type of wikuni animal with the limitations stated in above posts 8)
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Re: Types of Wikuni

Post by Downdude »

I'm pretty sure Fel said that Wikuni children are not the same type as the parents on the norm so to have a child that was the same as one of the parents would be rare.