Firestaff edited versions offered

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Firestaff edited versions offered

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First, many thanks for these great works. True art.

Second, I downloaded the complete set of Firestaff books and read them. I marked the original downloads as "read only" and created a copy which I edited as I read along. I also created a custom dictionary in MS Word named "sennadar.dict" that contains words and names unique to these novels.

My edits are minimal: misspellings, malaprops, noun declension, verb conjugation, relative pronouns to stated antecedent, "that that" to "that", "had had" to "had", "had went" to "had gone", "utilize" to "use", double hyphen without spaces to en-dash with spaces, three periods without a space to an ellipsis plus a space, and absolutely minimal text editing where the preceding edits made it necessary.

I respect the author's original work, so there are some awkward phrases and sentences that I did not change because I was not able to stay within my minimal change guidelines. The first half of the "towertotal" is not edited, as it took me until that point to get serious about editng. If requested, I will edit that part to be consistent with the others.

It was not possible to turn on "track changes" in MS Word because there were too many changes, and Word balked.