Book 2 - The Sword of Fire - Ch 1-?, SPOILERS!

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Book 2 - The Sword of Fire - Ch 1-?, SPOILERS!

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Chapter 1: General recap. The group, consisting of Tarrin, Mist, Dolanna, Azakar, Haley, Miranda, Ulger and Sarraya, are scoping out the terrain of the new plain... using Miranda's Priest magic to track Kimmie and Phandebrass. Tarrin's first notice of the sense of welcoming coming from somewhere unknown. They come upon the crude village of Arun, where they are attacked by three guards and the local priest, who uses priest magic to call forth a small demon. Not much of a fight. That night Fireflash arrives.

Chapter 2: Mist assumes her full, natural height over the progress of a day of travel. The group enters the city of Dengal where Tarrin hires a young street urchin named Zyrilin to carry his purse. Later that night they are awakened in order to watch an execution, which turns out to be Zyrilin and her 2 brothers, Telven and Jal. The Demon on the platform senses Tarrin, and as it turns to kill the children Tarrin goes ballistic, kills a bunch of demons and creates a dragon made of fire, while saving the children.

Chapter 3: Tarrin gets to know the children and witnesses Jal's power to make water appear and freeze. As they wait for the rest of the group to catch up they are accosted by a group of 13 bandits. Tarrin beats them solidly with his staff and finishes up as the rest of the group arrives. Tarrin accepts Zyri as his own daughter and Mist proclaims her love for Tarrin.

Chapter 4: The group encounters and slaughters another group of bandits. Tarrin continues to debate logic with Telven, trying to convince him that they aren't witches and come from hell. They find the corpses of men killed by Kimmie and Phandebrass. Ulger begins to give the children lessons with a sling. Tarrin makes bows for the children. Dolanna realizes that Tarrin can now control fire without his wings being out. The group finds that Kimmie and Phandebrass were ambushed by a group containing four Demons but escaped. They are forced to watch the slaughter of a large group of orcs, including women and children, by a large army of the Church. Tarrin goes ballistic, shapeshifts into a REAL dragon, and scares the army into leaving the orcs alone.

Chapter 5: Tarrin talks to Niami, using his divine powers. The group enters another small city where Telven betrays them. Tarrin shifts into a real dragon again in order to get everyone out of town safely.

Chapter 6: Tarrin decides to stop hiding his wings. The group picks up Kimmie's trail again and are soon confronted by a group of 30 Church soldiers. Tarrin shouts at their horses, who run away in panic. Tarrin again feels as though someone is trying to contact him, one of the Gods being blocked by The One. Dolanna has Tarrin contact Kimmie using his sword and amulet. Tarrin realizes that Kimmie is in the hands of Shaz’Baket and flies into a rage. Mist stops his rage before he hurts someone by slamming him in the head with the metal stewpot. After Tarrin wakes up he contacts Phandebrass, who is traveling with a party of Shadows. Tarrin tells Phandebrass to stay out of his way as he makes his way to Pyros. Dolanna and Tarrin realize that his Sword is making contact with the Weave and they can both use it.

Chapter 7: The group continues to move, with Tarrin blasting any Church soldiers in their path. Tarrin and Dolanna continue to store up power from the Sword. Mist destroys a patrol on her own. Dolanna and Tarrin fill up on power from the Sword and Tarrin transforms all of the horses into Pegasi. The group takes off for Pyros. They are soon attacked by a group of flying Demons but Tarrin and Dolanna make short work of them. They make it halfway to Pyros before stopping for the night. Tarrin soaks up more power and then contacts Phandebrass who reports that Kimmie was moved to the dungeon of the main cathedral in Pyros. Tarrin tells him to leave Pyros. Tarrin changes Mist's amulet to make her immune to fire and then transports her to Pyros through the fire. Tarrin then makes Sarraya taller so she can pose as Mist. The group remounts and heads on to Pyros.

Chapter 8: Tarrin stops the group outside of Pyros and erects a Ward to protect them. Tarrin engages The One in battle and destroys the city of Pyros. Tarrin returns to group shattered and almost dead. Miranda saves him with her magic. While Tarrin destracts The One, Mist enters the dungeon and fights Shaz’Baket to save Kimmie. Shaz’Baket gives up and Mist hauls Kimmie from the dungeon, pausing long enough to sink Tarrin's sword into The One's Avatar. Mist flees the city with Kimmie and the Sword.

Chapter 9:

This is a work in progress and I don't know how long it will take me to get it done. Please be patient with me.
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