Chapter 29, possible aspects

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Chapter 29, possible aspects

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We would see more covens. With more covens we will see earth dragons aid in rituals. I am hoping ritual allow for additional enchantments to amulets. Amulets can only be further enhanced by their wizards. Amulets are a type of foci, so I wonder if those magics could be layered on earth dragons.

There is still that sky dragon library in Chinese hands. I kinda doubtful that the books can be retrieved, but a copy of their contents is possible. We know water dragons need to be read in water, what sky dragons have something similar? So contain lore the Chinese are unaware of. If this library predates the founding of the island, then its contents would not be sanitised.

Those astral bonds that form the tethering. That kind of magic could be explored.

Earth dragons have 17 spikes, since each spike is a perfect foci for permanent magic. A scion is one. If kell is linked to the coven, I wonder if he could now be linked to the foci he provides.