Retribution Epub, Mobi, and PDF

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Retribution Epub, Mobi, and PDF

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I really wanted to fix the original topic but I need an administrator to help but they haven't been around and I said I would repost this evening. So here it is, and Greymist can can merge this with the original or delete the original. Again, really sorry for any inconvenience.

For those who almost exclusively use kindle, I used calibre to convert to mobi format and added it.

Retribution - Subjugation 8 by Fel.epub
(619.21 KiB) Downloaded 2026 times
Retribution - Subjugation 8 by
(989.54 KiB) Downloaded 1228 times
Retribution - Subjugation 8 by Fel.pdf
(2.65 MiB) Downloaded 7088 times

Edited by Greymist: I've deleted the original, moved this to chapter announcements, but left the shadow topic in place in General Discussion.
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