Links to Good Webcomics; why was it locked?

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Links to Good Webcomics; why was it locked?

Post by kd7mvs » Tue Jul 31, 2018 12:52 pm

I just went through the Links to Good Webcomics thread, was all set to add a couple, and realized that the reason nothing had been added in four years was that it was locked.


I didn't find anything objectionable there, it hadn't turned into a war zone, it was very much staying on topic, and it's still stickied. Still being stickied means that The Powers That Be still feel that it's content is of value.

Links to Good Reading (Part 2) and Good Books (Scifi) and Lost & Found are all still active and stickied, so it's not that the general concept of referring to outside literature of various types is forbidden.

Using the forum search engine for "comics" and "webcomics" resulted in zero posts explaining why it had been locked.

Actually, no posts were retrieved by the searches mentioning the thread since it was locked, as if no one else has ever mentioned it since. Which is just bizarre.

So, before I actually mention any webcomics that might be of interest, did this somehow become a forbidden topic and I just never got the memo?

Hmm, or maybe... there's nothing nefarious here at all, there appears to be automated actions taken by the forum software when certain conditions are met.

Everything that hasn't had a post for over a year appears to be locked, which leads me to believe that's an automated function, so somehow no one posted to that thread for a year and it automatically became a locked thread? That would seem odd, no one adding any additional webcomics for a year, but possible. Despite certain classics which had been active at the time not having been mentioned in it already.

In which case, OK to start a Part 2?

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Re: Links to Good Webcomics; why was it locked?

Post by Greymist » Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:17 pm

Hey kd7mvs,

Some years ago, I put a script in place that locked threads which hadn't had a post in over 12 months, it was to stop some annoying thread necros which had been happening.

I've unlocked the thread now, and dropped a post in it so it doesn't auto lock again.

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