The thing that almost stopped it all before it began

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All about the Subjugation, Insurrection, and Unification books.

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The thing that almost stopped it all before it began

Post by JNMC » Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:51 pm

As I go through one of my periodic re-reads, I have come to the point at the end of the 'contest' between Jason and Jyslin's marines and Lana's visit. For one, Jason's response that the whole deal was fomenting discord between the army and the marines could easily have been, "Good, I fail to see why I should have any sympathy for earth's conquerors and occupiers having any problems. As far as I'm concerned, you can start killing each other." But that is a little extreme and would have likely been unwise to actually say.

What I really think could have set him of was when Lana told him of the plans to lock him in with a bunch of giruzi. Granted, he argued vehemently, kind of off-screen since Fel didn't give us many of the actual words said in their discussion, but ... The whole point of Jyslin's campaign to get three dates out of him (the fact that it was reduced to one being the only concession I can actually see he got in the negotiations, not necessarily what I consider the lion's share, but maybe. I at least would have held out for the date being on Saturday to make a liar out of her as to when the date happened.) was to prove that she was just a girl who happened to be Faey, and one of the conquerors just by happenstance. And to make sure she gets the date, she planned to blatantly abuse the power that being a conqueror gave her. His negotiation could have been, "Kill me. The only way that I'll go out with Jyslin now will be if you telepathically reprogram me to do it, and if that's my other option I'd rather die. Otherwise, discipline your marine for her blatant misuse of power for purely personal reasons or bring on the giruzi, and we can find out if people higher up than you have any integrity."

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Re: The thing that almost stopped it all before it began

Post by Kacoo » Wed Aug 01, 2018 2:30 am

I love this, the only problems I have reading these awesome books is that I struggle to get past the Jesmind/Jyslin characters at the start before they are actually interested in the Jason/Tarrin characters long term. I go through little situations in my mind where I only don't wish it happened differently because I know its gonna be better soon.

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