How to influence, manage and control the future human magicians(spoilers)

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How to influence, manage and control the future human magicians(spoilers)

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I am bored waiting for an update do I am going to post ideas this story provokes.

It has been mentioned then will locate and train magicians. They need the dragons as they are the only source of the talismans they need. Also, they believe that the spike bonding process would provide another means to steer the emerging population of magicians. But eventually trained magicians could take the place of the dragons in most cases, and the tethering process is not a certainty, but they can form covens without dragons.

My idea is the dragons set up a sort of magical market place, most likely online. They would sell the material and items that magicians require to cast spells, and make magical items and potions. As well as tool needed to make them. Sure there are other sources and they could make the needed tools themselves, but having it all available in one location, certified by dragons, would be a time saver and likely could be cheaper. The dragons could use a scion for deliveries potentially.
They could also set up a forum, where magicians can find jobs, or deals with other magic users. Say they have a magical talent, able to make the best healing devices. They could sell it on the market for money, or credit on the market, or in exchange for another form of magic entirely. It would create a form of community and unity amongst the human magicians, even if they are widely spread across the globe.
Sure magicians could find ways and methods, not involving the dragon market, but that would be a huge investment and carries risks. The dragons could use this market to monitor, what magics the magicians are involved in and using.