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Post by Mari »

This is going to sound stupid but I finally fully understand why Zak was chosen to follow In Darvon's footsteps. :shock:
He has such a divers back ground 1st as a slave, then Tarrin's knight protector, being trained by the Vendari, as well as being trained by Keritanima. :oops:
Yes it took me a while and have read the books several times. Every time I reread I bring a character to the forefront and look at the character more closely.
This time it is Zak's turn.
Still love the series and I recommend it to anyone that will listen. Lol even my daughter has started reading the books. Lol
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Re: Zak

Post by kal »

i think it is because he has such a diverse background that he is a good commander. i think that the Vendari and Keri would have taught him strategy and tactics also. especially the vendari. they seem like such a martial and perfectionist race that they would teach personal combat all the way up to commanding an army, from ethics to running a military supply chain. all of that would be part of being a good warrior.