Artificial body doubles resets the battlefield(spoiler)

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Artificial body doubles resets the battlefield(spoiler)

Post by SYED »

I just realised somethings about future battles. There were concerns about using fighters against the enemy and really close ship engagements. This was due to the syndicate having such a high level of telepathy, that they can easily deploy them offensively against enemy ships. So it seemed only telepathic pilots could be sent in to counter them. Now with this new system, a pilot could be in a merge pod on his carrier ship, while his mind was using the grav band to control his fighter, either directly or a inorganic form. This will provide a big boost for the confederacy, and could be similarly applied to ground operations.

Jason was unhappy about the diffuser slightly, as when he released torsion weapon designs openly to the confederation, it was a great equalizer causing naval operations to be greatly costly. A proper defence net of satellites fitted with torsion weaponry, could decimate most naval forces. While there are other powerful weapons, it seem the range, power or ability in what ever combination was most superior. I can't remember if Jason disseminated a weapon design to replace it, or at least give them a bigger punch against the enemy.
Also, I forget, I know the diffuser can work on big ships, but how far can they be scaled down, say a fighter is possible. Torsion warps space, while the diffuser sort of flattens it as I understand it. The whole flattening aspect cause some power/gravity on the ships that used it if I recall correctly. Can this aspect be used against their enemies, to cause enemy ships to develop power /gravity issues? Sure their ships might have their own diffusers, but how much could they reinforce their systems to protect from this system? They were concentrating on preventing space warping, not extreme smoothing.