Possible short story

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Possible short story

Post by SYED »

Fel said that he might be posting a new Tarrin story, a story about his adventures around the multiverse. I got the impression that it is not direct intervention, it is just being in the right place or time. I kinda see him being a young hero pet cat, sort of like how Pounce guided beak and Alanna in the Tortal universe. He could easily hide his magic from others, acting from the shadows.
Does an agent of the God of gods work against the agents of chaos or the demonic forces? So possibly work to eliminate objects or beings like the fire staff. Or aid beings like him that have a touch of chaos to fulfill their purposes.
I kind like the idea that tarrin aids in the creation of new weaves, and spreads the worship of His goddess or elder God tarrin. It would be a way to tie worlds together, sharing power, denying demons and those of chaos those worlds
We know he has access to the weave via his gifted wings, any chance he can access the All of his realm or allow his to surviving the All of the local world. The all is epic level of magic.