battle for the mines(spoilers)

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battle for the mines(spoilers)

Post by SYED »

Soon we will see the armies of man attempt to retake the mining valley in the hands of the free arcans. The humans while they know the enemy is dangerous will deeply underestimate them. The mines themselves will be rigged to be dealt with as the more the humans have to invest here, the less they can bring else where. Those mines were manned by tons of digging arcans who likely volunteered to help, by digging trenches and ditches, to allow the region to be more easily held. They would also share their knowledge of the mines, and help to link together. The whole regions likely have tunnel and mine systems. Even when the arcans retreat in good order, the region is mountainous enough and wild enough that arcan can infiltrate the region and cause havoc on supply lines and logistics. All the human armies would want to keep the crystals for themselves, so conflict is sure to arise.

Also, we will have shadow arcans really messing with the army, robbing and killing. The arcans have limited supplies due to supply lines, now with the human army so close, it would be easy to move the needed materials. Siege weapons mean a new asset to hold the enemy back, the arcans have been concentrating on arming each soldier, so their own siege weapons are limited. Every time guns are taken, it provides more material to help to create the more modern guns and artillery that the arcan have acquired, that might not be a priority because I think most of the shaman and gunsmiths involved are still in haven, or at least in deep river. So any large scale theft might wait till they are closer to those that would benefit the most from it. Alchemy weapons are always useful, but arcan have a n advantage with their better ranged weapons. Black crystal weaponry would be useful, it destroys orgain material, if unleashed in the mines, it would destroy the wooden supports that are used to keep the tunnels in tact. The healing devices would ensure more death in the long term, and help keep the arcans fighting longer. The more they can mess with communication, the more damage they can inflict before any potential retreats from either side.

The mountain troops will be the first to taken, those most able to move freely in the mountainous wilderness. also, due to the southern armies being drawn down, that. Means limited northern troops to attack. The thing is that the southern forces cN not be allowed to be left intact, so it will need to be dealt with some how.

While they might be able to destroy the human army here, their plan is to draw them to the plains, and let winter trap and destroy them. They could sell some of the salvaged materials to potential future allies like the king of carin. Even with his limited forces, of fully equiped with a range of weaponry, expansion is a great possibility, so able to retake South carin and potentially cheston, and it could expand North to the free territories. They might not even need to invade, if they have food and offer security, the army might simply be welcomed and invited.