Walker of the Path, Chapter 4 (Spoilers)

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Walker of the Path, Chapter 4 (Spoilers)

Post by SoronelHaetir » Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:34 pm

Wow, my guess about the device being a focus for Kyven's own power turns out to be almost exactly right. Although I was not expecting it to be either nearly so large or nearly so draining to use. I was thinking the danger was more that without thinking the change one makes through it might turn around and bite someone on the ass for instance if you make mud solid enough to walk on in order to get through the swamps around Nurys maybe that change does something bad to blood that kills you). I was not thinking the device itself was dangerous, only the change imprinted on reality.

One question I have from earlier in Walker, related to the new shadow world dweller. Nightfall says "That is a place we fear". Given that the shadow foxes are not capable of walking (at least I assume not or Umbra should still have been able to as an arcan) how would they have any feeling that the shadow world even exists, let alone what areas of it are more dangerous than others?

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Re: Walker of the Path, Chapter 4 (Spoilers)

Post by SYED » Fri Apr 17, 2015 4:59 am

Is the amplifier for all shaman magic, or just illusions? Since shadow magic could kyvern use it for that as well. I wonder if other shaman can imprint a purpose on a device. This seems like a project for the totem shaman specificly, could the non totem shaman even use the devices later?

With hte increased range of the anti talker effect, he has a chance to make a huge arcan force. big enough the human armies are truly in danger, as they would not need the advantage of the talker systems being down. THere are two big uses of the devoce in the future to shatter crystals and to eliminate gunpowder as a weapon. It makes sense, for the crystals to be taken out, then allow for them to gather the weapons in a central location before taking out the guns. WHile the crystal plan would be eliminate the weapons permanently, the gunpowder one would be temporary, just long enough for the arcan to charge a gun line. Once they get inclose, the humans would be swarmed.
I wonder if illusions can cause people simply to fall asleep, imagine an army striped of resources while they slept.

The arcans are dedicated to at least temporily holding the mines. I wonder if hte human armies, gathered maps and diagrams of the mine systems. MInes often have more than one access. Played out shafts and ventilation can allow multiple routes into the tunnel systems. THey lure the armies in to the mines, then either collapse them, or rigg them with killing devices. The mines are braced with wooden beams most likely, so a few of the anti organic devices placed there, those beams could be removed entirly collaping the whole thing.
Get a earth elemental to join in the mining issues, turn the whole region into interconnecting tunnels, link the mines together. THat cause additional conflict over who holds which mines.
We know that human armies are kind slow, so if they wish to slow them down, target the horses. they have plenty of monsters in their army, simply tell them it is an all you can eat buffet. also, it reduced the amount of potential food the human armies will have in the future. how hard would it be to steal horses in a stealth mission. a shaman able to speak to them could solve alot of issues. most horses would be kept together in a safe place, while guarded, it would be against outsiders not the horses themselves.

THe shadow fox gave kyvern 3 spells, illusion, the fear and life draining. So i wonder if the spells could could be combined. COuld the illusion spell make the persons fears become at least temporarily becom real, so say actually eaten alive by rats. Or an illusion, that drained the target of life force over time, to boost the spell. Kyvern can create all this extra shadows, and his illusions can warp reality. Imagine if he used this to create shadow form bodies around him. Liokely only usable in darkness. Imagine him as a black equar or luparn. WIth the risk of the creature in the shaow realm, the ability to temporily take on the equar form for high speed travel in the real worlds.

We know he can drain someone for energy, so can he drain a person to power a spell, just as he drained himself?