New Arcan Unit (Spoilers)

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New Arcan Unit (Spoilers)

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Eventually the plan is for the human armies to try and gain the mines from the arcans, but instead in their own time, they will retread in order, while destroying the mines behind them. They will draw the armies onto the plain so they are trapped upon them during winter. Unable to travel, they would be vulnerable to being shadow robbed, and left defenceless in the snow.
To get to the plains the armies have to go through mountains. SO what if the arcan create mountain units. Not actual army, but a dispersed group, to raid and scout the human forces as they attempt to mine, travel and communicate with the front lines, or even the humans fighting each other. This unit would be made out of arcans than have the greatest climbing capability, similar to kyvern. Able to be more freely scale and descend the region, would be a valuable asset, in messing with the human forces. Armed with sniper rifles, they could unleash a campaign where all the humans fear the daylight for being shot, and the risk of arcan raids during the night. In the mountains, they might be forced to go by foot in some places, so the arcans defintly will have the advantage.
They dont even have to campaign long, just force the humans to keep on ivesting in the region, eventually the weight and cost of the war will forced them to retreat themselves.

They should also convince as much of thhe human population to flee the region as well, potentially aiding them in relocating. Those settlements existed as a means to support the mines in the region, but with out them, the armies would be forced to act as the mines own logistical system. Simply tell the civilians, that with the coming human armies coming, they run the risk or being conscripted, and their goods seized by the armies that are coming, that the region will be a potetnial war zone for the immeadiate future. offer them crystals even. Do they want to be in a region where it is possible the human armies will unleash large scale black crystal machines?