Briar Tree Site (spoilers)

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Briar Tree Site (spoilers)

Post by SYED » Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:21 pm

This is apparently the location of the device that attempted to create a major breech into the spirit world. IT caused the explosion which dispersed spirit enrgy into the world, and fried the electronics on the planet.
The loremasters are in a very bad position now, and that site is the last asset they have left to play. If thye can study it, and find a way to produce crystals, it would greatly aid them in restoring their power in noram. Out of desperation, they will mess with this device alot, risking the whole world on the chance of being powerful once more. This site needs to found and dealt with, or they will all suffer.
in The mountain, they found two devices wach with minor breeches. So i wonder if alchemy can be used to create similar breeches. SAy one for a crystal producing device, that works with shaman. The devices shorted out in the mountains as they were not built for shaman to use them, but what if they were?