A question about crystals(spoilers)

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A question about crystals(spoilers)

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There are black, blue, green, yellow, red and white. Black is killing, blue illusions, green is healing, red can do everything but in a lesser form. White is special if i remember right, as it like red can do everything, but unlike the rest, they dont drain away. That is how i remember the describtions.

I remember the alchemical ventilation system that was found in the mountain, even after centuries of use it kept going. It worked by piercing into the spirit world, draining energy constantly. This is apparently dangerous as the catacylsm was created when they tried to open the breech far bigger. So it would be dangerous to create more.

I mention all of this, as i wonder if white crystals never run out of energy, they are not simply solidified energy, they are stable connections into the spirit world. So potentially they could create long term devices. The powerful alchemical devices consumes lots of crystals, but is a white crystal was placed in the system, could it continually supply the energy to allow such devices to be more usable.