Apparent title of the next story

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Re: Apparent title of the next story

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iT SEEMS TO ME THAT THE GREATEST THREATS ARE THE GIANT ARMIES OF THE SOUTH. Even if they loose most of their war alchemical items, they could potentially still win via numbers, at least against other human nations. The best goal would be to force a confrontation between the armies, where the southern forces are forced to fight til death or surrendor. battles where the loosing side cany escape will ensure they are more permanently dealt with.

Logistic are key in a war. THe arcan forces have stripped away much of the resources in the area that the armies might need for themselves. Their supply lines will be extended, so if the arcan kepp raiding parties in the field, they can make sure they are slowly drained of resources. The human armies are stuck seiging the mines, and the shadow arcans can rob them blind.

With the better guns, the arcan have a range advantage correct, as alchemy weapons are much more shorter ranged. So if they concentrate on dealing with the alchemical artilery, this would force the humans to fight, yet be possibly held off. If the humans want to equalise the battlefield, they need to have thier own guns and cannons. Also, since the arcans are dugg in they can build fortifications and positions to allow them to have cover and clear lines of fire. I wonder if arcans are mobile enough to act as their own cavalry.