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Re: Super C's Drawings

Post by Aightaight »

I was recently switching material off an old HDD when I found my old offline Sennadar folder including Super C's superb sketches which were de-linked and then relinked during the forum migration.

Super C was wanting to redo them at some point, which I think would be awesome. Since Super C still visits the Forums maybe a few more sketches will be forthcoming if enough people drum up support! 8)
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Re: Re: Super C's Drawings

Post by Weresmilodon »

Well, i certainly hope so. Its always nice to have some art to go with the text.

Thanks for posting these again. It's been so long I'd forgotten. Did you by any chance save any of the artworks by other artists?
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Re: Super C's Drawings

Post by Cougar2k2 »

I forgot all about these. Thanks for reposting them. Gonna save'em to my hard drive so I don't loose them again.

Got me looking for other character pictures. Found this topic hope it helps some.
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Re: Super C's Drawings

Post by Super C »

HOLY CRAP I forgot about these. Man these are old...

I'd definitely like to get back into drawing as soon as work eases up a bit. Keep an eye out, but don't hold your breath. I'm worse than Fel for consistently updating. :P
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Re: Super C's Drawings

Post by Kacoo »

wow thats some good drawing is it from/for: Kit, Firestaff/pyrosian or shadow walker or somthing else?