Are we getting chap 4 of Hawk and the fox or chap 1?

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Are we getting chap 4 of Hawk and the fox or chap 1?

Post by SYED » Fri Nov 09, 2012 4:43 am

I heard mention of both options happening. If we get chap 4, it means we get an update, but chap 1 mean some kind of rewrite.
If a rewrite I wonder how much will change.
If he is such a famous adventurer then he has had to have travelled to every ruin and dungeon in the land. Every quest and adventure possible.
Are there any transportation magics that require you to know your destination? say he acquires that, he could raid many lair unimpeded. I bet we will see every one that the hero robbed or defeated come to reclaim their property.
I bet he has a huge starting celebration for his Dempsey, and the invite list will be strange and varied.