Shadow Walker, chapter 24 discussion [Spoilers]

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Shadow Walker, chapter 24 discussion [Spoilers]

Post by expedient »

Thanks again Fel. I like how none of the different factions end up being entirely predictable in the end.

I think that there may be some errors involving Old and New Avannar. Earlier in the story, Old Avannar is referenced as having the stone buildings and wall whereas New Avannar had "wattle-and-daub, brick, and timber" buildings and no curtain wall (ref. Spirit Walker, chapter 4). Therefore the Loreguard would have torn down the new city and retreated to the old. However the references to Old and New seemed to swap a little in the final chapter.

A thought occurred to me regarding the use of the double portals against fortifications. If Kyven removed keystones from the foundations of a keep he was assaulting and dropped them from a great height straight back down he could quickly bring down most stone-built walls.
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Re: Shadow Walker, chapter 24 discussion [Spoilers]

Post by SYED »

SO there are 5 armies- Loreguard (L), the northern army (N), the south east (SE) and western(SW)armies as well as the Arcan forces, the seige defenders under Danna (DA) and the Raiding forces run by Kyvern(KA).
THe DA will be establishing fortifications and defences, blocking and holding the Crystal mines from the human armies. THe longer those army are held at bay, the more often the shadow walkers can raid their heavy alchemical weapons to add to arcan forces. If heavy alchemical gear is removed from human armies, then the armies can still fight but a war of slugmatches, whittling down the forces.

I wonder if the KA will take over naval forces, so able to raid the coastal human settlements? Arcan Corsairs ruling the ocean blues? I always thought that Haven had to be on the shores of one of the great lakes, so I wonder if Haven could open up trade with those city states. THose peaceful people may be easier to realise arcans should not be made slaves. ALso dont the great lakes have water access to the gulf of mexico and the eastern coast.
KA while creating a very mobile force, does not necessarily need such a bloody war. If they simply steal lots of material needed for the economy to crack. SUre a good deal of the martial forces are gooing to deal with the Crystal War, but there would be some that remain behind. What areas had already lost their arcans? There may be masked still gathering or stealing arcans from other lands. If he attacks some big farms, he could amass arcan very quickly, so likely over whelm most forces left behind.

WIll they make their own navy and merchant marine so able to carry out trade with the human nations more likely to trade. Set up embassies and ambassadors, linking them with alchemical communications. While they dont trade with local human nations, some gifts and trades with the distant traders so help make a potentially useful contacts.

Kyvern thought up device, is something that would terrify loremasters, as well as aid his war. a device that could aid shaman or arcans. That would give them a reason to hide it from the world. Kyvern was able to channel his spells through alchemical devices. Could this augement his magic? SAy his device wipes out the crystals or simply collars in the area, a bunch of freed arcan or alchemical weaponry wiped out, it would be a huge tactical advantage in his battles. Non crystal weaponry is limited currently, so if most fights, a force of arcan could deal with most human militia.
Has any one ever made a list of the different shaman, shadow or alchemical magics seen in the story so far? SO every alchemy device shows a new shaman spell, while any spirit magic, could be made into an item. If alchemy can copy any thing a shaman does, does that not potentially mean crystals could also be made?

THose rat monsters in the sewers, they are only found in that city, so likely created there some how. Why not move some of those to swamps just to cause trouble, they seem the perfect match.
I wonder if the other spirits will make their own totem shaman, or arcan form of the monster breeds?
CAn magic be used to clean the irradiated lands of new york?

Carin has a pass into arcan territory, and is in between the free territories and Geovan. Using this position, when they are strong after the other countries are weakened, they could move in and retake south carin as well as the free territories. As they could acquire alchemical and briton weaponry from the arcans, while in a better financial position. Get control of a good sea port, and use that to start trade with those in europe, they could open whole new markets so become rich and powerful. Being the only unruined kingdom will be wortk alot.