Shadow Walker, Chapter 21

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Shadow Walker, Chapter 21

Post by SYED »

I think we can all agree we did not expect the whole drive to block that battle. We all thought cool battle scenes were coming. will we see an ambush, where danvers gets all the loot.

While armies dont need roads, they do make journeys quicker. So when danna retreats, why not mess with the roads some what. The arcans and horses can travel well with or without.

so kyvern hopes to break the armies, wait til they flood the city looking for loot, the use the death clouds.

The arcan rebellion may be uncatchable due to their sheer speed, there wont be a force big enough to deal with them. It can also be used to weaken a countries military might, and remaing loremaster assets. Kyvern will search via shadow, the collared, and get them into thr wildernuss. if they cause enough economic damage they could bribe humans into obediance.

Will the strike at the trinity for its lies.
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Re: Shadow Walker, Chapter 21

Post by expedient »

The wind up to the evil cliffhanger begins.
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