Subjugation now on Web Fiction Guide

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Subjugation now on Web Fiction Guide

Post by Orinks » Sun Feb 21, 2010 8:39 am

Hi all,

Just wanted to say that Subjugation is on It, sadly, has only gotten one vote and I guess the thing has to have a good title to get them interested. Personally, I hadn't found any good stories on there. I thought about submitting Firestaff book one, but I really couldn't come up with a good summary for it.

And someone should, if they get the time, update those links without some kind of summary on the links to good reading. Does anyone have a good scifi series that is as equal or is better than the Subjugation universe?

I admit, when I read with my screen reader, when it says "missle" it kinda annoys me, but I get it. I bet that's what a lot of the WFG readers/editors will complain about too.

I checked out some of those time travel stories and there doesn't seem to be much traveling forward stories. I suppose that'd be harde to write since we don't know what the future holds. I just want a story that has not total Erotica. I read Deja Vu: Ascendancy just to finish it, but I stopped liking it way before it was over. The characters really annoied me. Especially Julia. I like the science ideas like the blobs and minds linking together, but sometimes it just went on and on and I was falling asleep not really understanding what I was reading.

So. The point of this post is to say that Subjugation is on WFG. I'm not sure if Firestaff one will just get some sloppy review like Subjugation has at the moment (A half review, but we'll see if anyone wants to bother putting it up there.

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Re: Subjugation now on Web Fiction Guide

Post by fear1222 » Sun Feb 21, 2010 5:04 pm

I went over to the website and checked it out. I found it a gross misjustice that it only had 1 vote so I registered on the website and voted on the story and wrote a review. If it helps bring more people to the writing of Fel then I am all for it. I feel his stories rank up there with paid authors easily.