NOW I need your help.

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NOW I need your help.

Post by Fel »

As everyone around here knows, I don't ask for donations. I have always written and released my work for free, with no expectations placed on you, the reader, to pay me for my work or ever feel obligated to do so.

So, understand that since I am coming to you now seeking your help, it means I have a sincere and great need and it means a great deal to me.

This help is not for me. This help is for my sister. She has a very sick cat that needs vet care and medicine far more expensive than we can afford.

So, I am coming here, now, asking for you to help my sister. If you have ever wanted to donate to me for the writing I've done, I ask that you instead donate to the gofundme I'm linking at the bottom of this post, which is for my sister's cat's vet bills.

This is EXTREMELY important to me, to the point where I would come here and break my most sacred of rules, because my sister would be absolutely devastated to lose Macy. I've sent my sister what money I can, even emptied out my emergency house repair fund, but the bills keep getting bigger and they're just too much for me. I just have nothing left to give her.

Thank you for your time, and hopefully for your help.

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Re: NOW I need your help.

Post by Mladen »

I'm really sorry about this Fel.

Come on people. He's asking!
You know he refused every other offer of help.
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Re: NOW I need your help.

Post by zedd »

Waiting for my bank to process some payments and bills. I need a few days to be able to help. I hope to send some money by monday.

All the best for you and yours Fel. And yes I include Macy in my “yours”
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Re: NOW I need your help.

Post by Patsysusan »

I contributed immediately.
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Re: NOW I need your help.

Post by davien96 »


Best of luck to you all
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Re: NOW I need your help.

Post by jahmc89 »

Sent what i could right now will try again after bills are paid , also shared it so hopefully that helps
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Re: NOW I need your help.

Post by Lochar »

Hope I didn't donate too late.
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Re: NOW I need your help.

Post by Lokis Advisor »

Hope all goes well
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