CO - new races

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CO - new races

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Not sure how easy it is for you to come up with new races for CO or even Subjugation. Just a thought to some that you may have not thought of before. Feel free to ignore any or all of these suggestions. These could be NPCs, player races, or extinct ancient races.

Anyway here are a few odd ones that I had thought of (equipment is going to be difficult or impossible for most of these):
1. Wisps (like Will-O-Wisps) - incorporeal, almost pure mana/spirit, pluses to charm, illusion, enchantment.

2. Sentient Slimes - mostly physical with resistances to magic and blunt. Can split to form 2-3 “children” that are only 1/4 the strength of the “parent” slime. May be able to partially mimic forms that they are familiar with.

3. Bushlings - plant based creatures that do not breathe or eat, but instead need to”root” for a few hours to soak up nutrients/water and restore energy (this could be an analog for sleeping).

4. Multi-limbed creature - has 4-10 limbs that can be used manipulated independently (multi-wield vs dual-wield) as creature get stronger, it can grow additional limbs. Each limb could have its own skills.
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