Fel's New Story: Familiar

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Fel's New Story: Familiar

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So, three chapters of Fel's new story about people from the real world being summoned as magical familiars in a magical world have been published so far, and so far I'm rather enjoying Kenneth and Kiyo's adventures.

The treatment of those people who were bound by a familiar contract is horrifying, but I hope that it all blows up in people's faces. From the looking at the thought of Walker at the end of Chapter 3, people in the real world know that the first nation that gets a handle on using magic is going to have a major advantage, but the fact that people are treated so poorly is most likely going to have any person who knows how to use the magic (such as Kenneth) refusing to help them at all out of sheer spite, or even just hand it over to adversarial states just to stick it to the people who were making them more miserable than they were already.

I like Kiyo's POV and her family, and I do want Kenneth and Kiyo to be able to converse at some point, simply because it would be interesting. Kiyo's relief that she actually existed when she wasn't summoned is entirely understandable and I'm glad she got some confirmation that she exists, even if she's embarrassed and unsure how to deal with the revelation of her connection to Kenneth.
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