Does anyone know anything about reMarkable?

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Does anyone know anything about reMarkable?

Post by Wolfee »

seen the adds on youtube for some time now... was wondering if anyone knew anything about them?
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Re: Does anyone know anything about reMarkable?

Post by Schuy »

I've been using a reMarkable 2 since Fall of 2020 and love it. I take notes pretty much all day long for work and I no longer need to keep a pile of filled notebooks around for reference. I just use the basic functionality (no syncing even though I have it for free as an early supporter, basic organizing) but it works exactly how I need it. Writing on it feels natural to me and does not feel like using a stylus on a tablet or laptop.

My wife finally got jealous after seeing me use it since she writes notes all day for her work as well and we got her one which she loves.

The battery life is pretty decent, I usually wind up plugging it in at the end of day on Friday so it's ready for Monday but honestly, a good 20 minute charge will get you through the day normally.

I would recommend 1) picking up an extra pack of pen tips because when you first write with it you will press way too hard and wind up mangling tips until you get used to it, 2) pay the extra and get the pen with the eraser on the back, its much more convenient, 3) Personal preference but I'd recommend a cover as well so the screen doesn't get scratched if you throw it into a laptop bag.

It is pricey as heck unless you get it on one of the sales they periodically have so look out for those (especially since there is probably a cyber-monday sale right now).

Anyway, that's just my $.02 but I've been using it for over 2 years now and loving it.
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Re: Does anyone know anything about reMarkable?

Post by jimspi »

I've been using reMarkable for about a year and can confirm it's the best note-taking software.
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