Retribution, chapter 7, possible ideas and theories (spoilers)

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All about the Subjugation, Insurrection, and Unification books.

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Retribution, chapter 7, possible ideas and theories (spoilers)

Post by SYED »

I just had an idea. When the benga ordered an evacuation of the planet, I doubt they would allow those ships keep such a valuable asset in an unsecured location. They were kept a complete secret, all that was known was for some reason a planet of total telepaths had to be kept completely secured.
Also, the dreamers are powerful telepaths. A large number of them in a singular location, present a huge security risk. So temporarily they would be taken to a secure central location. While telepaths were recruited heavily for this posting, naval personnel were not really expected to encounter the natives that muc, so general crew might not be gifted.

I bet the kimdori would have intercepted a copy of such orders, so arranging to eliminate or capture the remaining dreamers in bondage.