The mental gifts

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The mental gifts

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In the series, the faey are said to have four gifts. They are telepathy, telekinesis, empathy and precognition. There are mentions of other mental gifts available to different alien races, but to me like precognition, they are all a form of clairvoyance. Since they can train telekinesis to so many skills, could the same be for clairvoyance?

The generation DNA is said to be highly malleable and adaptive. So if they exposed generation DNA with clairyance to aliens with their own version, they could adapt and merge. Since dreamers are an offshoot of the faey, their DNA naturally merges with generations. Once done, expose it to DNA of clairvoyance found in the aliens.
They don't necessarily need to alter the members of the house, they could create bionic crystals to allow access to the abilities.

I bet mental gifts have been studied a long time accross the different interstellar nations, so the genetic codes for them have been at least isolated.
I have often theories ways to enhanced generation ability. It is a unique advantage, that could be key for the house survival. With the spread of jack technology, the desire for,generations has been lessened. While the other races would love stronger telepaths, telepathy capable aliens are often limited in the populations.
A key fact to stop a telepath, you need a telepath, so enhanced generations would be unmatched advantage. The Karrines are slowly distribution science, technology and learning, but the generations would remain only in the family.