Earth Bond, chapter 27, theories and ideas, (possible spoilers)

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Earth Bond, chapter 27, theories and ideas, (possible spoilers)

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The author mention he might be posting by the weekend, so while we are waiting, we can start the arguments early over the story.

So there are two main things we are likely to see. Our hero dealing and experiencing his boon from the the tethering process. So more about him achieving flight and developing the skill. It is also possible that we see him develop an elemental affinity, allowing him to magicly manipulate his element. That would be very cool. Magics involving the earth are said to be very high level, so sure to be epic in an earth dragon. I could see new earth spells being developed to mimic such enhanced skills. They could share that aspect with the earth dragon community, before the possible flight, to see how such a change would affect the community. The sage mention earth, stone and mud I think. Could the ability extent to sand or even metal? I suppose plants are possible but I doubt it.
For some reason, I wonder if the dragons might develop more or other abilities somehow. The ones I suspect are the elemental ability and affinity of the other dragon races, possibly even their breath weapon. Such a wide range of abilities and gifts might not make them true magicians, but they would be more fitting for the source of magic in the world. Even if it can't be induced from the tethering, I wonder if the potion for earth immunity could be adapted for other elements, and their abilities. I keep wondering if exposure to such a potion could be permanent due to earth dragons emitting magic all the time.

The other big is the consequence of the cyber and magical attack on China. There enemies will likely use the knowledge of such magics to blame dragons for many weather effects. The only way to counter this would be actively aiding in storm issues and help people there. The massive download of the Chinese military database likely has information leading to the hidden magical library, but every country with a large digital infrastructure is terrified of being similarly crippled. They know they are vulnerable, and aware the dragons could be a true threat to them.

We know they are going to have to send an ambassador to the UN. That means the other dragons will need the Achilles oil, but since they know there are plans for plastic bullets, they need enchanted items to protect from such attacks. I bet that there would be ways around such protections, but for now they would be safe and have time to create future needed protections. I can see magical items being targeted first, to ensure target is vulnerable.

The Chinese might not be aware that their secret library is known to exist. So long as they believe it is hidden, there is a chance that the dragons could remove all traces of it. They likely have made digital copies, but in limited number and secured. So it is possible those copies and the original books could be dealt with. Retrieving a copy of the digital achieve would be the simpler option, taking the physical book would be very tricky operation. They have to at least get a copy of the archive, as who knows what secrets contain. That potion recipe was a game changer, and that is one recipe from one book. The Chinese magicians had centuries to develop, grow and experiment independently from the dragons when they decided to retreat to the island.