animus proteus

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animus proteus

Post by GBLW »

I just happened to be checking some facts and methods that Fel used in "Kit" and came across mention of the term "animus proteus" and a fossilized skull of a simean of some sort which was where it shouldn't be. That got me thinking about the series and then about the "Sennadar" series. They almost tie together, but not quite.

With a little bit of fudging though, "Spirit Walker" and "Kit" might possibly tie together historically - so might "Sennadar" and "Spirit Walker", but "Kit" just doesn't tie to "Sennadar" in any way I can see - not unless "The Fox and the Hawk" are the magical catalyst (pun intended) that knits the cape which binds them into one homogeneous whole.

So Fel, the question is; was all of that inter-meshing of character traits and plot twists intended to produce a "series of series" that could be seen to tie in with each other - almost a history over the millenia of one specific universe?

(Sorry, I've been writing html code for thirty six hours straight and I think maybe I should take a break and get some sleep since I'm start sounding like a loopy kid with too much imagination and too little common sense.)


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Re: animus proteus

Post by SYED »

Apparently if i remember right even while they have many animal types, they can all interbreed right. Well, we have tons of JUnk dna, containing alsorts of codes, so could something from there have caused the development of animal like appearances.
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Re: animus proteus

Post by lapland »

Sennadar is based around a multi-verse so it could tie all universes together. The further the particular universe is from the god of gods the less magic influences the universe. All Fels universes have similarities. In shadow the animals were changed by sacrificing humans so they can't interbreed. In Kit they take on a more human guilty so perhaps the animal was sacrificed instead.