Sholan Alliance Fan Fiction

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Sholan Alliance Fan Fiction

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I thought I would post these here, because I thought there might be fans of the Sholan Alliance series by Lisanne Norman here. These are separate from my published works.

A quick note, Lisanne is a former girlfriend of mine, I've known her for a very long time and we still get together and talk, etc. She's seen both stories and liked them. They're still considered fan fiction, and have been titled as such. But if you've read the story, the character Banner is in fact modeled after me, and Jurrel is in fact modeled after Jurrel.

The first story is basically the origins of the Character Banner in the books, how he came to be a member of the Brotherhood.
The second story is just something I wrote for fun when I was between other projects.
The first is possibly Canon, the second is definitely not.

How Banner got recruited into the Brotherhood
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sholans in NYC.doc
A story of two Brotherhood members working for the Sholan Embassy on Earth
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