Something i always wondered about

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Something i always wondered about

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. I just have to show you that I’m an intelligent, fascinating woman under my armor. I’m not the Imperium, Jason. I’m Jyslin Shaddale. Until they put the crown on my head, don’t blame me for how they do things.”
She glanced at Symone, and Jason could feel…something, a fringe of something that passed between them. Were they using telepathy to communicate?
When i read this the first time (chapter 3) i thought that there was more to Jyslin then just a normal Marine.
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Re: Something i always wondered about

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When I first read that chapter I thought that maybe Jyslin was a hidden relative of the royal house but now I think that the "until they put the crown on my head" line was similar to a human saying "until I am king of the world there isn't much I can do about it". Then again since we don't know anything about Jyslin's parents or ancestry outside of her Aunt Lorna and this is Fel we are talking about anything is possible. Also consider this: in one chapter there was a plan to get a Marine close to Jason while he was out in the preserve and take him down. That would have been one of Dahani's plans since the Marines work for her. Who would be the perfect Marine to do this? Jyslin his Faey girlfriend. Another point up until Jyslin spent some time with the Mindbenders she was secretive in her contacts with Jason, after she talks with him from a locker room hmm and Dahani wouldn't use a Trillane Mindbender to get to her Marines it would be Imperial. Also another thing to consider yes Jyslin is a powerful telepath and has Mindbender training what we don't know is how long the Mindbenders were working on her and could it have been more then one. If more then one and long enough they could have worn her down and got past her shielding. There is a lot of loose threads left over in subjugation, either intentionally or by accident that could lead to plot lines.
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