Help finding chapters for errors

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Help finding chapters for errors

Post by Wildcat » Mon Jun 04, 2007 12:06 am

I have a list of errors I compiled from the last time I reread the books, but I didn't always mark chapters. As I don't have time to go back through the books at the moment, I was hoping some of you could help get that information so we can put it on the wiki.

In Honor, it's stated a few times that the first elemental people summon are always Fire, but neither Kerri nor Dolanna summoned Fire first. (This may be just a tradition, but the way it was worded made me think it was an inconsistency)

Honor ch10, p15. We gather together every year," she replied.
-- earlier this was described as being every FIVE years.

Honor ch34, p4. Denai is said not to know Wikuni... I thought it was one of the languages she said she knew.

Weave ch1, p4 - recovered from a broken arm
-- one of the previous books said TWO broken arms (shadow?), but the usual reference was to one

Weave ch10, p15 "Only worshipping one god," she answered. "We have nine here in Wikuna, so as long as I don't offend a majority of the churches, and the church of Kikkalli in particular, I'm on solid ground."
"I didn't know you have nine," Tarrin mused.
-- he read a book earlier, given to him by Camara Tal, that said Winkuni had 9

Axe ch5, p8 The only milk-giving animals the Selani kept were goats, and Allia's tribe didn't have any,
-- they had goats when they were moving in

-- I don't know if this one was mentioned in a previous thread, since I haven't kept up so well with the chapter discussions.

Bane ch5 -- Golden claws mentioned as a part of Tarrin's arm before he technically got them by using the amulet to teleport

Also one here I'm not sure belongs in the wiki.... maybe Tarrin is just being modest?

Sword ch1, p13 - “That’s why I’m glad we have at least one experienced Druid along,” Tarrin said.
“And what are you, Mister I can make my own spells?” she flared.
“Not as experienced as Haley, even if I can use stronger magic,” he told her.
-- but Tarrin was proclaimed proficient by TRIANA, and they called him powerful... maybe it's experience he lacks?

Anyhow, if anyone would be willing to fill in the gaps, I'd be grateful.
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Re: Help finding chapters for errors

Post by Spec8472 » Mon Jun 04, 2007 12:24 am

Wildcat wrote: As I don't have time to go back through the books at the moment, I was hoping some of you could help get that information so we can put it on the wiki.
Put it up on the wiki anyhow, and just put questionmarks for the chapter references if you don't know them - that way anyone can include it if they know the location.

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Re: Help finding chapters for errors

Post by Journeywoman » Wed Aug 01, 2007 4:59 am

Below is a list of things I picked up in my last reading of Tower and Quest. I would put it on the wiki but there is no button to create an account (it just leads to the login page but no use if you aren't registered) so if it's really necessary can someone else transfer it. If things don't necessarily make sense straight off this is done in sequential order with some colour coded to join points. Some things I only picked up in later chapters but didn't go back to get exact text. I appoligise if any of these points repeat what someone else has picked, I left the obvious ones from the wiki out but haven't checked the error page a the top of the forum.

Tower (Sorry Fel if I pick up things in the already edited chapters)

Chapter 1
smoke of many fires filled the air, as did the smell of roasting meet or simmering stews or open-baked bread.

Then he locked the front door, got on the horse, and hurried back to the village before it got too dark to ride.

It's four days to Torrian," Faalken replied.

Tarrin had lived here all his life, but it wasn't his dream to stay here. His parents knew this, and accepted it. Tarrin wanted to be like his father, to go out and see the world, experience what was out there. He wanted to visit the capital of Sulasia, Suld, one of the grandest cities in the Twelve Kingdoms of the west. He wanted to sail on an Ungradt longship like his mother had, he wanted to visit the island city of Dayisè, the grand capital of Shacè. He wanted to see the Fountain of Swans in Toran, he wanted to see the Dragon statue in Draconia. There was a whole lot of life out there beyond the boundaries of the village, and it was waiting for him.
Maybe a nice touch would be to add seeing the dragon statue in Draconia

Of Suld: Faalken described the city in a bit more detail, like the massive, grand, breathtaking Cathedral to Karas that was in the center of the city, and the Eight Fountains, one at each compass point, beautiful sculptures set in fountains, many of them rigged to spray water. The most famous was the Fountain of Swans. There were many other landmarks in the city, like the Black Tower, a tower that was once home to a wizard, and now was a cursed place.

Chapter 4
Watern uses Tarrins bow, which in chpt 1 only a few people can draw

Tarrin was given his own tent, and it was another night of dreams.
in chpater 1 he took his own tent

Druids were rare and exceptionally powerful, because a Druid could disrupt and block the magical attempts of any other type of magic-user.
I thought they could only block sorcorers (this is only memory talking)

Chapter 6
Tarrin hadn't considered that. Back in Aldreth, trust was a simple matter, and it was abundant through the village and outlying farms. Nobody locked their doors in Aldreth.

Chapter 10
The Cat was a methodical creature, so it didn't mind the planning and plotting all that much.
Since when?

Chapter 11
"I've been meaning to ask you about something," Koran Dar said. "You grew back fingers that you lost in the battle."
"I know, Master Koran Dar," he said, holding up his hand. "I guess we regenerate lost body parts. I know I can regrow teeth. Allia has knocked some of them out."
Jesmind explained werecats could regrow arms & Tarrins previously mentioned he can regenerate anything but head (sorry don't know which chapters)

Keritanima gave him a grin. "I think I could make something of you, Tarrin," she said. "You made the right conclusions. But the Keeper isn't the whole Tower," she said. "The Council may also have some information laying around that we can use. I don't doubt that the Keeper either told them what's going on, or had to talk very fast with them in order to keep them in line. After all, I heard that it's going to take all of them to raise this Ward that's supposed to help protect us from the attacks."
It was already raised at that stage

Although it was well into fall, coming on winter, the air was still quite comfortable. Back in Aldreth, he had no doubt that they'd already had their first snow. The village, being in the foothills of the Skydancer Mountains, tended to get snow earlier than Torrian, which was only 3 days to the southwest. His father had told him that Suld, being on the coast, had a much milder climate than the inlands of Sulasia. It did get cold, and snow and even having the harbor ice up were not uncommon, but the icebound time was not very long. Snow only piled up for about a month during winter, and then the first stages of early spring would melt it.

Chapter 13
The cat's scratching at his door had awakened him, quite a feat considering that he was still in Allia's room. She was asleep, and Tarrin had been curled up by her pillow. But he jumped down and padded back into his room, then scented the cat on the other side of the door. He changed form and opened the door, curious as to why a cat would be trying to get his attention, and the big gray strutted into his room casually. He was a very big cat, young and strong, wearing an elaborate leather collar studded with jewels. "The she who feeds me put me down here," the cat told him in its unspoken manner. "Your scent made me curious."
It did have Keritanima's scent on it. Tarrin squatted down and crooked his finger at the cat, and it approached and sat down in front of him. "How did you know to scratch at the door?" he asked as his large fingers started to probe the collar. "Did the she put something in your collar?"
"I scratch at her door," the cat replied calmly. "Humans, and the she, are so easy to tell what to do."
There was a note in the collar, cleverly inserted into a flap between the outer layer of leather that supported the gems and an inner layer that protected the cat's neck from the studs and settings holding the gems in place. "From time to time, the she is going to put something in your collar, and tell you to find me. I would be very honored if you would do as she asks. What she is doing is very important, and I need you to bring me what she gives you quickly."
"For a brother, I will do this thing," the cat replied.
"It would make me very happy."
"How do I know the she wants me to find you?"
"She will put little things in your collar and then speak my name to you. It sounds like this in the voice of the humans." He spoke his name, then repeated it three more times, so the cat could fully memorize the sound of it.
"I can do that," the cat told him. "When she puts things in my collar or speaks the sound of that to me, I will come to you."
"I will appreciate it. I will let you back out, so you can find your she."
"She is a strange creature. She smells of predator, but acts like humans."
"She is cousin to the predator you smell, but is not predator herself," he told the cat. "Cats are not food to her."
"This is good to know."
Tarrin stood up and opened the door. "I thank you for bringing me this. Go find your she, and expect rewards."
"I will," it said, then it sauntered out the door.
When he closed the door, he worked to unfold the very tiny note. Keritanima had folded it down to the point where even his clawtips had trouble finding the seams and parting them. Tarrin had to endure the pain of human hands in order to get the note unfolded. His paws were sometimes too large to perform tasks on very small objects.
The note was very short and to the point. Tarrin, I think you and Allia need to bathe.
That was easy enough. The baths were deserted before dawn, and that was when Tarrin and Allia preferred to use them. Both of them had trouble in attracting attention when in the baths. Tarrin, for obvious reasons, but Allia found bathing uncomfortable when surrounded by Novices, because the hot stares of the adolescent boys made her feel aggressive. Allia wasn't ashamed of her body in the slightest, but she took offense to men and boys who were total strangers staring at her in that manner. Even Tarrin had to admit that it was hard not to look, and he had absolutely no romantic feelings for his sister whatsoever. Allia wasn't human, but that only enhanced the fact that she had a body any human woman would kill to have for herself. If she were human, she wouldn't be half as lovely or perfectly formed.
Allia was very easy to wake up. All he had to do was walk into her room. Her Selani senses were sharp; where Tarrin's nose and ears were inhumanly sensitive, for Allia it was her ears and eyes. She could hear a fly walking on the wall, and read an open book from halfway across the Knights' training field. Her luminous eyes opened when he came into the room, and she sat up. "Keritanima wants to talk to us," he told her. "Down in the bathing room."
"Then let's see what she wants," Allia said immediately, sliding out of bed.
First mention he can change only human hands.

Chapter 14
"Well, Initiates are allowed off the grounds, Dar," Tarrin said. "Why don't you spend this evening walking around the city?"
In the tour(?) wasn't it said intitiates had to be blue(?) lvl to leave grounds? At this stage they weren't.

The library in the South Tower was the South Tower.
The entire tower's volume was completely dominated by the massive library. It started on the ground floor and extended more than three quarters up the tower's height. Each floor was huge, more than thirty spans to the ceiling, and there were no separate rooms. Each level extended right out to the inside of the tower's circular walls. The levels also served to separate the subject matter of the rows upon rows of books. They had separate levels for magical theory, magical history of all four orders of magic, history, sociology, and a level dominated by ancient books that were all but falling apart, which housed the oldest lore which the Tower still possessed. They even had a level filled with nothing but the magical spell formulas that the Wizards used to create their magic, even though that information had absolutely no real value to the katzh-dashi. No mortal being could use more than one order of magic, Dolanna had told him during the journey to Suld. That was a law set down by the Gods themselves. Because Tarrin was born with the ability to use Sorcery, that meant that if he ever tried to learn arcane magic, the magic of the Wizards, he would be driven mad as punishment.
I haven't checked but I highlighted this so consistency could be checked with Phaendabrass's visits and end of Demon's Bane.

Chapter 15
"Tarrin, this is Captain Binter, commander of the High Princess' personal guard. Binter, this is Tarrin, one of the Tower's Initiates that is partly owned by the Knights."
"Her Highness speaks about you often," the massive Vendari said in a curiously deep, hollow voice.
...sparring then...
"How did you know I was a Were-cat?" he asked curiously.
"You forget who I am tasked to defend," he said with a smile, a smile that seemed cold with those dead black, expressionless eyes.
"Oh. I didn't realize she talked about me."
"She talks a great deal about you," he told him. "She is quite taken with you and your Selani sister. I have never seen her so genuinely fond of others."

Tarrin chuckled. "I may not be far from it, my Lord General," Tarrin said. "I've grown tired of the way they treat me, so I'm on strike. I'm not going to another class until they treat me with more respect and consideration."
Darvon gave him a wild look. "You are serious?" he asked.
Tarrin nodded. "I want the same treatment as all the other Initiates. They were so serious about that when I was a Novice, and now they pin me in here with that Ward and treat me like a prisoner. Well, I'm tired of it."

Secong mention of this but initiates banned leaving tower since Dar entered the initiate

Chapter 16
It was the first time he'd ever been in the city during the daytime. The streets were filled with people, dressed in all manner of clothing but sharing a common theme of warmth against the chill of the late autumn day. Sulasian doublets and breeches and long-hemmed dresses dominated the streets, but the occasional woolen mantle of an Arkisian, or the waistcoats and unusual appearances of the Wikuni were also rather common.
Didn't he return to the tower in daytime after Janette?

Chapter 17
Pre Kerri's brandng: "The same way I've done it the last three times," she said, looking over her shoulder and winking. "The Brat is famous for doing weird things. Even she likes to put on dark clothing and skulk around with no protection every once in a while. It satisfies her need to be adventurous."
"Sometimes I do not understand you, sister," Allia grunted.
ou are weird," Tarrin told her flatly, which made Allia laugh.
"Of course I am, dear brother," she winked. "I'm a Wikuni. We're all weird.
In Cathedral of Karas book room Kerri called them siblings
"By not getting much sleep," she grunted. She sat down at the table and put the book in front of her, then opened it to the first page. "Tarrin, would you be the greatest brother in the world, and go get me something to eat? I'm starving."
"Here is the future, my deshar," she said in a low voice. "Your future and mine. Right here in this little book."
"But it is not yet complete, deshaida," Allia noted.
"That's because we haven't finished it yet, sister," Keritanima said, staring at it. "When it's done, this will be the most important book in the world. It's our passage out of here."
"You put too much hope on that, sister," Tarrin told her. "I can't deny that it'll be useful, but it's just that. Useful."
"Useful, yes. Important, undoubted," she replied. "But it's something more than that, Tarrin. It's a testament."
"To what?"
"To us," she replied, her eyes a mystery. "It's the defining statement that said that we were good enough. Better than the rest, and that we have won."
"Deshaida," Allia said, "give over on this need to prove yourself. You are my sister. For whatever you are, it is enough for me, and I will always love you."
Keritanima gave Allia a totally vulnerable look, full of powerful emotion, then she began to cry. Allia embraced her, stroking her hair, and Tarrin fully understood. Keritanima had never wanted anything more than acceptance from her family. Instead, they all tried to murder her. She had a new family now, a family that accepted her, loved her, and supported her. A family that loved her more than her own family ever did. Tarrin stood and accepted Keritanima into his arms, holding her close, with Allia keeping a gentle hand on her shoulder.
"I want the brands," she sniffled from Tarrin's chest. "I want to be one of you. I want to belong."
"You always did, Kerri," Tarrin told her gently. "You always did."
"The Holy Mother will accept you, my sister," Allia told her assuringly. "And you will always be part of my family."
That word at first made her flinch in his arms, but then she looked up at him with teary eyes that betrayed the deep pain that pierced her soul, the pain of having those you love try to destroy you. Tarrin couldn't imagine what horror had been buried behind those eyes, both done to her, and the evil she had committed simply to keep herself alive.
"You are deshaida," Allia told her, patting her on the shoulder. "You are my sister. I would be honored to accept you into my clan."
Would Allia really start breaking relational terms that early before giving her the brands??

Chapter 18
Tarrin made use of his ability to leave the grounds, and visited his family every four days. He was always careful to take only Dolanna, and he always left them in various places around the city while he went to go see his family. They had decided to take Anrak up on his offer, and spend the winter in Ungardt lands. Anrak was waiting for a break in the stormy early winter, trying for a few clear days that would let him get up to Tykarthian ports before the next storm, and port-hop his way home.

Chatpter 20
"I can help you in that regard," Tomas spoke up. "The Star of Jerod is in port right now, being loaded for a trip to the Stormhavens. They had a poor harvest, and Queen Derienne has been buying up food for her people to live out the winter, and she's paying a sum that makes braving the ice worth the risk. After dropping that off, they're travelling to Den Gauche, and then on to Dayisè to pick up goods that'll be brought back up in the spring. I can arrange for a few cabins to be left available. When you get to Dayisè, you can find a ship going anywhere in the world."
"If you're going on my ship, you have to get ready," Tomas said. "It leaves at dawn. Captain Kern won't wait around."

When Tarrin pampered Allia at the baths it was the only place she felt safe (chpt ?). Is this correct when in chpt 20 she still has a fear of water?

He looked back on the city. It was a city he really had never known. He had never really walked through it during the day, and every time he had ventured out, he had always been hiding, sneaking, or running.
Sanctioned trips to visit famly?

I'll put my Quest notes soon, when I have time.
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Re: Help finding chapters for errors

Post by Fawks » Wed Aug 01, 2007 7:28 am

Chapter 8 Tower
"When we got back to the farm, there wasn't much left. They missed the underground rooms, but everything else was burned to the ground."

Yet later on in Weavespinner Jyslin... er Jesmind was living in the house with baby Jasana.


Ummm... Wiki? What happened to the link at the top of the forums?