Book 2-Questing Game-Timeline - WARNING, SPOILERS!

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Book 2-Questing Game-Timeline - WARNING, SPOILERS!

Post by MommyDoom » Wed Apr 07, 2004 2:45 pm

Chapter 1: Basic recap that occurs at the beginning of all new books. Star of Jerod arrives in Shace'. Tarrin heals the blind woman beggar in the bazaar. First meeting with Triana and the destruction of the docks at Den Gauche.

Chapter 2: Star of Jerod arrives in Roulet. First encounter with Sheba, the Wikuni pirate. Leave Roulet and have second and final encounter with Sheba. Tarrin regrows Kern's arm. Sheba's ship is destroyed.

Chapter 3: Tarrin kills the injured Wikuni priest and one of the Wikuni prisoners.

Chapter 4: Star of Jerod arrives in Dayise. Encounter with Wikuni frigate, which ransoms Sheba. First meeting with Haley, the werewolf. Tarrin kills the prostitute's pimp and finds a cat to replace him on the Star of Jerod.

Chapter 5: First encounter with Renoit's Circus. First encounter with Phandebrass and his drakes. Glimpse Triana as they pull out of port.

Chapter 6: Tarrin attacks one of the acrobats. Ship is attacked by 6 Zakkite ships and Sisska and Miranda are killed. Tarrin destroys the Zakkite ships singlehandedly and then Heals Sisksa and Miranda. First encounter with Ariana, the Aeradalla.

Chapter 7: Ship arrives in Tor. Tarrin escorts Miranda and kills all of her would-be attackers. Second meeting with Jegojah, on the dock, where Triana kills him at the end and gives Tarrin the strength to heal.

Chapter 8: Ship arrives at Shoran's Fork. Group is ambushed and Tarrin is shot with silver crossbow bolt. Kerri, Azakar, Binter and Sisska are taken away on a Wikuni ship.

Chapter 9: Triana again saves Tarrin and begins his training for acceptance into Fae-da'Nar. First encounter with Werecats Rahnee, Mist, and Kimmie.

Chapter 10: Tarrin meets Werecats Shirazi and Singer. Tarrin heals Mist and she conceives his child.

Chapter 11: Taren meets Werecats Laren, Shayle, Nikki, Jale, and Thean. First encounter with Sarraya and Tarrin is accepted into Fae-da'Nar. First encounter with Camara Tal. The group sets sail from Shoran's Fork on Renoit's ship, the Dancer.

Chapter 12: Kerri plans the overthrow of her father on the voyage to Wikuna. Two priests disappear on the Wikuni ship by "unknown" means. Three Wikuni spies are killed trying to get Kerri's satchel. They arrive in Wikuna and Kerri kills the first set of spies. Kerri's first showdown with her father, Damon.

Chapter 13: First encounter with Kerri's lookalike, Kalina and with Ulfan, the master thief. First encounter with Rallix. First introduction of Kerri's alter ego, Lizelle Sailmender. Miranda is shot, but Kerri heals her and then kills the Wikuni who shot her and the noble that hired him.

Chapter 14: Kerri kills more spies. Kerri is flogged. Rallix reveals he has always known Lizelle Sailmender was Kerri. Kalina leaves town, posing as Lizelle Sailmender.

Chapter 15: 19 important members of Wikuna society are assasinated on Kerri's order. Kerri begins to develop an interest in Rallix. Kerri begins to make Wikuna think Damon Eron is crazy through illusions.

Chapter 16: The Vendari army arrives in the capital. Kerri assumes the throne of Wikuna. Various upheavals in Wikuna society result.

Chapter 17: Tarrin kills the drake Turnkey when Sarraya talks him into biting Tarrin's tail, but Camara Heals him.

Chapter 18: Camara Tal begins to teach Tarrin the Amazon language in order to win his trust. The ship is attacked by a pirate ship. Dead pirates.

Chapter 19: Tarrin attacks Camara Tal for the first time. First name for Sarraya's husband, "Aldio". Tarrin and Camara spar, ending with Camara taunting him into a killing rage and using Sorcery. Sarraya to the rescue. Tarrin realizes that Miranda is an Avatar.

Chapter 20: The Dancer arrives in Saranam. Third confrontation with Jegojah. Faalken's death.

Chapter 21: We see Jula in Kravon's lair. The Dancer sets sail from Saranam. Tarrin gets over his mistrust of Camara. The Dancer arrives in Dala Yar Arak where the group will search for the Book of Ages.

Chapter 22: First encounter with Shiika.

Chapter 23: Tarrin first glimpses the ancient magical sword while searching for the Book. First encounter with Shiika's Hellhounds. Tarrin finds Jula and takes her as his bond-chiild.

Chapter 24: Tarrin teaches Jula what she needs to know to stay sane.

Chapter 25: Tarrin and Jula are attacked by Shiika's Hellhounds and Demon minions. Tarrin destroys a large section of the city. Sarraya to the rescue. Tarrin realizes his ironwood staff has magical properties.

Chapter 26: The group moves to an inn. Shiika attacks Tarrin through his dream and steals his staff. Tarrin destroys another portion of the city.

Chapter 27: Shiika's cambisi attack Tarrin. Tarrin destroys more of the city. Shiika kisses Tarrin. Shiika tells Tarrin that she has the Book of Ages. The Goddess Heals Tarrin. Shiika captures the group, except for Tarrin. Tarrin attacks Shiika at the Games and exposes her as a Demon. Triana arrives to take over Jula's training.

Chapter 28: Tarrin enters the Palace to find the Book of Ages. Sarraya and Tarrin battle the Demon that is guarding it. Sarraya's wings are shattered. Tarrin cuts off the Weave from the entire Palace.

Chapter 29: The Goddess informs Tarrin that he can't rejoin the group and that he must make his way back to Suld on foot.

Epilogue: Shiika and Spyder talk. Jesmind and her daughter have moved into the Kael house in Aldreth.

The End :)
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Re: Book 2-Questing Game-Timeline - WARNING, SPOILERS!

Post by Shadowhawk » Wed Apr 07, 2004 3:05 pm

Great, great, great thanks.  :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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