Book 4- Shadow Realm -Timeline-WARNING, SPOILERS!!

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Book 4- Shadow Realm -Timeline-WARNING, SPOILERS!!

Post by MommyDoom » Wed Apr 14, 2004 2:16 pm

Prologue: We see Mist with Eron in the Frontier. Triana comes to visit and so does the Goddess, who gives Mist and Eron Shaerams.

Chapter 1: The group has set sail for Wikuna. General recap that happens at the beginning of all Fel's books. Tarrin is already "noticing" Kimmie and Kerri reveals her plans for Rallix.

Chapter 2: Tarrin saves the blue drake and names it Sapphire. Kimmie confronts Tarrin about why he's been avoiding her. Tarrin talks to Triana and Jesmind about Kimmie.

Chapter 3: Tarrin and Kimmie become mates. Camara Tal begins to train Tarrin in Priest magic.Kerri regains her power and Tarrin shows her how to summon an Elemental. Dolanna crosses over.

Chapter 4: As the group nears Wikuna, Kerri discovers that her father has escaped with the help of some of the nobles. Phandebrass shrinks he and Kimmie and Tarrin finds them. The group arrives in Wikuna to find fires burning in the city and her father recaptured. Kerri orders the death of her father.

Chapter 5: Tarrin meets Jenna in the Heart and she tells him that the Keeper is ill. The Goddess forbids Tarrin from Healing her. Tarrin kills the Wikuni noble at Kerri's ball.

Chapter 6: Rallix accepts Kerri's marriage proposal. Triana reveals that Kimmie is pregnant.

Chapter 7: The group boards the ship and sets sail for Vendaka. Tarrin and Azakar have a long talk. The group arrives in Vendaka and transfer to the steam ship. First encounter with Donovan Thale, inventor of the steam ship. The crew departs Vendaka.

Chapter 8: The group comes across the burned-out hull of a Shacean galleon. Tarrin finds a set of spellbooks on the ship. Tarrin gets ripped for "wandering off" to investigate it. The group is attacked by 9 Zakkite ships. The Zakkites are destroyed and a huge argument ensues between Azakar and the others regarding the taking on of Zakkite survivors.

Chapter 9: Phandebrass retrieves some spellbooks and the mysterious magical flying device from one of the sinking Zakkite ships. The crew tries to mutiny in order to get Kerri to turn the ship around. Kerri and Dolanna counter the magic that is affecting the crew, but can only do it for the steam ship. Captain Jalis transfers to the steamer and the other Winkuni ships turn for home. The steamer enters a magical void.

Chapter 10: Saphire, affected by the birth of the 6th Suikun, learns to play chess and understand Sulasian. The steam ship reaches an impassable reef, with total blackness on the other side. The group blows a hole in the reef with gunpowder and sails through. They enter the black void and most of them are blind in it, though Tarrin is not and sees an island in the distance.

Chapter 11: The group uses a Ward to get everyone's sight back, except for the Wikuni sailors. The group lands on the island. The group encounters the Sha'Kars, Allyn and Iselde and are taken to their home.

Chapter 12: The group meets the Sha'Kar Council and tell them of their quest. The group begins to try to glean information from the Sha'Kar and from their human servants.

Chapter 13: The group eats at a Sha'Kar feast. Sapphire begins to speak.

Chapter 14: Tarrin discovers that the group was drugged at the feast. Tarrin discovers the young Druid serving woman, Zarina, and learns about the tattoos placed on the servants by their Masters.

Chapter 15: Tarrin tells the group about the tattoos and about the "missing" ShaKar. Tarrin has a face-to-face with the Grand and tells them that he knows about the missing ShaKar.

Chapter 16: Tarrin confronts Allia with the truth about the ShaKar torture of their servants and proves it by doing the same to Allyn. Allia rejects Tarrin. Tarrin enchants an amulet so he can listen to everyone on the island.

Chapter 17: Kerri verifies that Allia is under a Mind Spell. Tarrin goes exploring and discovers Auli crying in the forest because she had lost her Amulet. Tarrin finds the "missing" ShaKar and frees Allia, Allyn, and Iselde from the mind weaves in the amulets.

Chapter 18: The group forms a plan to disrupt the mind control of the Shakar. Tarrin finds they have been betrayed when the Grand appears holding Kimmie hostage. Dolanna saves the day and Tarrin and Sapphire kill the Council. The group releases the rest of the ShaKar and they learn the truth about the amulets and the Grand's control of the Shakar. The group makes plans to take the Firestaff and leave for the volcano. Tarrin enters the volcano alone.

Chapter 19: Tarrin locates the Firestaff and fights the red dragon that protects it. The seventh suikun is born, creating a weavequake. Sapphire turns from drake into blue dragon and takes flight to save Tarrin from the red dragon. The red dragon quits and Tarrin claims the Firestaff, which removes his Were nature.

Chapter 20: Triana appears because she lost Tarrin's bond. The Goddess arrives and tells them why Tarrin is now human. Triana and Dolanna tell Tarrin the story of the past few years of his life.

Epilogue: The ki'zadun make plans to take the Firestaff from Tarrin.

The End
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