Book 1-The Tower of Sorcery- WARNING, SPOILERS!

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Book 1-The Tower of Sorcery- WARNING, SPOILERS!

Post by MommyDoom » Mon May 10, 2004 1:56 pm

Chapter 1: We meet Tarrin and his family as they prepare to attend the Festival in Aldreth. Tarrin's father, Eron, wins the archery contest and Tarrin wins the staff contest. The family meets the Sorceress Dolanna Casbane and her Knight, Faalken and both Tarrin and his sister, Jenna, test positive for Sorcery. Dolanna agrees to send someone from the Tower to teach Jenna, but Tarrin leaves for the Tower the next morning with two others from the village, Walten and Tiella.

Chapter 2: Their first night on the road, the inn in which they are staying burns under mysterious circumstances. Two nights later the group arrives in Torian and spends the night at Duke Arren's keep. That night Tarrin is attacked by a strange female creature that bites him and causes him to transform into a similar creature. Dolanna removes the collar that was controlling the creature.

Chapter 3: Tarrin discovers he has been turned into a Werecat and Dolanna helps him grow accustomed to it through her magic. The female Werecat escapes from the keep. Tarrin spends the afternoon with Faalken, playing stones and getting used to being Were. On the way to dinner Tarrin senses and sees a Wraith. Tarrin spends a fitful night, with the Cat.

Chapter 4: The group leaves Torrian and is attacked on the road. The attackers are killed, some by Tarrin. Duke Arren sends a group of soldiers to escort the group. Tarrin snarls at one of the soldiers one evening and has a long talk with Tiella. The group reaches Marta's Ford and three soldiers are chosen to take ship with them. The ship leaves port and Tarrin meets a somewhat familiar female sailor.

Chapter 5: The ship is attacked by a Wyvern. During the fight Tarrin is separated from the group and Dolanna tells him to head for the Tower on his own. Tarrin meets Jesmind, the female Werecat, who tells him she must teach him about being a Werecat. They decide to travel together for awhile and Jesmind begins to teach Tarrin what he needs to know as a Werecat. Tarrin learns to shapeshift and the next day they kill Trolls. Jesmind seduces Tarrin.

Chapter 6: Tarrin and Jesmind set out again, continuing to argue about WHERE they are going. Tarrin manages to break off from Jesmind, who threatens to kill him if/when she catches him. Tarrin continues to travel towards Suld alone, eating little and constantly moving. He helps a farmer remove a stump in exchange for food and then moves on. Tarrin kills two human who try to kill him on the High Road. Tarrin sneaks into Suld and then into the Tower and collapses with exhaustion into a bed.

Chapter 7: Tarrin gets himself "caught" in the tower and is reunited with Dolanna. Meets the Keeper, Sevren, Elsa, Jula, and Dar. Dar and Tarrin discover the Goddess's garden at the center of the maze.

Chapter 8: Tarrin meets Allia and shows her around the Tower. Tarrin and Allia spar often in the courtyard. Tarrin accept the brands of Fara Nae. Tarrin is attacked outside his room by two men. He kills one of them and a Wraith kills the other, but not before he tells Tarrin that the Wizard Kravon is behind the attack. Jesmind attacks Tarrin in the Tower and Tarrin wins. The next day someone tries to kill Tarrin on the training field with a crossbolt. Tarrin and Allia are attacked by four trolls in the Tower courtyard. The Keeper gives Tarrin his Shaeram. The Kaels visit Tarrin and, in trying to protect them from Jesmind, Tarrin almost kills his mother. Tarrin flees the Tower.

Chapter 9: Tarrin lays down to die but it found by a small child, Janette, who nurses him back to reality. The Tower can't find him. Tarrin uses Sorcery in cat form to protect his new family. Tarrin says goodbye to Janette and heads back to the Tower. Tarrin talks to the Goddess for the first time in the maze.

Chapter 10: Tarrin is Tested and it is discovered that he is a Weavespinner, able to touch all seven spheres of Sorcery. Tarrin and Allia move to the Initiates quarters. Kerri arrives. Tarrin is reunited with his family. Tarrin begins to realize that the Tower wants something from him, and the other non-humans. Kerri gets spanked by the Keeper. Tarrin realizes Allia can hear him in cat form. Tarrin throws Kerri in the bathing pool. Tarrin figures out that Kerri is only playing the Brat Princess. Tarrin is trapped within the Circle with the Wraith.

Chapter 11: Tarrin kills the Wraith but almost dies in the effort. Tarrin and Kerri and Allia have their first meeting in the maze. Tarrin gets his first instruction in Sorcery. First meeting with Azakar and their first sparring match.

Chapter 12: Tarrin tries unsuccessfully to touch the Weave for 3 days. Tarrin talks to Jesmind and she tells him that she's leaving.

Chapter 13: Tarrin touches the Weave for the first time. Tarrin is attacked by a Doomwalker, Jegojah, in the heart of the Tower. Tarrin defeats it by accidentally stepping into the Conduit, then frying Jegojah with Sorcery. The night sky is lit up like day by this event. Tarrin visits his family, who were also attacked by Jegojah. Allia and Kerri and Tarrin make plans to visit the Cathedral of Karas to search for clues as to why the Tower is gathering non-humans.

Chapter 14: Tarrin has a session with Dolanna, to try to understand why he has no control over the Weave anymore. Tarrin goes to visit his family, who he sent to live with Jannette's family.

Chapter 15: Tarrin asks Tiella to spy on the Keeper for him. Tarrin declares that he is on strike until the Keeper lets him out of the Tower to see his family. Tarrin has another talk with the Goddess and she gives him a silver shaeram to give to Kerri. She also confirms that Tarrin is the Mi'Shara. Tarrin spars with Binter. Darvon knights Tarrin and Allia.

Chapter 16: Darvon goes to the Keeper and tells her the Knights support Tarrin in his strike. Erick, the King of Suld, demands that the Keeper hand Tarrin over to the Crown. The Keeper allows Tarrin off Tower grounds as long as he is under Knight protection. Tarrin goes to visit his family. The Council tries to help Tarrin control his power, to no avail. Kerri, Allia, and Tarrin make final plans to burglarize the Cathedral of Karas. Miranda, Kerri's maid, launches her own plan.

Chapter 17: Kerri, Allia, and Tarrin enter the Cathedral of Karas and discover a secret room guarded by Magic, filled with ancient books and scrolls. They pack it all up and quietly leave the Cathedral. Kerri discovers that the scrolls are a primer for learning the Sha'Kar language. Kerri tells Miranda to transcribe the scrolls into a book. Miranda and Jervis join forces to put Anhiriya out of the spy business. The Council trys again to help Tarrin control his power.

Chapter 18: Kerri takes the brands of Fara'Nae. Tarrin, Allia, Kerri, and Miranda learn to speak Sha'Kar. Tarrin's family leaves for Ungardt. Miranda and Jervis' plan is enacted. Jula kidnaps Tarrin from the tower using the collar that originally captured Jesmind. There is open fighting in the Tower between Ahiriya's, Jervis', and Miranda's agents. Due to this, no one notices Tarrin's absence till the next morning. Kerri follows Tarrin's trail to the reaches of the Tower grounds and has Allia tell Miranda to mobilize her Wikuni Marines. Kerri continues to follow the trail to the Cathedral of Karas while Allia discovers from Dolanna that the Council turned Tarrin Were deliberately. Allia has Darvon mobilize the Knights as Kerri arrives to tell them that Tarrin is in the Cathedral. Jula introduces Tarrin to Irvon, High Priest of Karas, in one of the underground rooms of the Cathedral. Irvon has Tarrin thrown into a dungeon cell. Kerri and the Host arrive at the Cathedral of Karas and cut it off from the Weave.

Chapter 19: The lowering of the Ward releases Tarrin from the collar, and he promptly begins to slaughter his way to freedom. Kerri and Darvon demand Tarrin's release from Irvon. They hear the roar of a Troll and Kerri orders the Ward dropped. Tarrin destroys the Troll with Sorcery and blows a hole up to the Nave and kills Irvon. Tarrin collapses.

Chapter 20: Tarrin awakens in the Karas Chapterhouse and Allia tells him of the Council's treachery. He tells her July collared him. Tarrin refuses to take off the manacles. Tarrin returns to the Tower and rips out Jula's spine and brands the Keeper with her own shaeram, telling her she has a traitor in the Tower. Tarrin talks to the Goddess and she tells him he is her best hope for recovering the Firestaff. She tells him that he will find it through research and that he must begin in Dala Yar Arak. Also, he must take Allia, Kerri, Dolanna, Azakar, and Dar with him. Tarrin kidnaps Dar from the Tower and Thomas gives them the Star of Jerod for their journey. The group leaves Suld on the Star of Jerod.

Castle Keening: Kravon summons Jegojah again and orders him to find and destroy Tarrin. Kravon's plan is to continue to attack Tarrin until he drives him mad.

The Tower: Jervis tells Damon Eram that Kerri has fooled them all. Damon decides that Kerri is perfect for the throne and orders Jervis to find her and bring her home to Wikuna.

The Frontier, Grove of Talbon the Druid: Jesmind has sent for Triana, who arrives and agrees to go "have a look" at Tarrin. We discover Jesmind is pregnant.

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