What is tarrin's life count?

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What is tarrin's life count?

Post by darkhand » Sun Jun 22, 2008 3:19 pm

You know how it is said that every cat has nine lives? Well I have read the book's. all of them multiple times, and just come up with a question, and a possible answer. How many lives has tarrin lived?

My count is nine lives. His first human live, first werecat life, the second human life, where the fire staff takes away his werecat nature, his second werecat life where he is given it back by jasana, that short time at the end of weavespinner when he was a god, then the demigod bit through the first half of the first book of Pyrosain, then as the mortal god, then he dies and becomes that one follower god bit for the time of the fight with the demons and diva, comes back to sennadar to become his mortal self again.

Those are my view on tarrin's nine lives, am I short, to long, what do you think?
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Re: What is tarrin's life count?

Post by Fiferguy » Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:01 am

Well, technically speaking, the first five books are really his first life. Him being a human, then a werecat, then a god are all really the same life, because he never really died. So I would count all five of the first books as the first life, just with different stages of it--kinda like a human going through newborn, toddler, adolescence, teenage, young adult, middle age, and senior citizens. Same life, just different periods of it.

So from birth to first death=one life. Then Niami brought him back, and he lived for several more years until he used the All of Pyrosia to create the Weave there and died. So from the first resurrection to his death on Pyrosia would be another life. The last life would be after he animates the spare body Niami made when she resurrected him the first time. So I would say he's had three lives so far. Sennadar to God Tarrin death, resurrection till death by the Pyrosian All, then resurrection into the spare body till now. I would say that his time in Crossroads and moving about the multiverse was not a life per se, since he was technically a God, albeit a very weak, while he was doing those things. His final life didn't begin until he reclaimed his mortality on Sennadar with the final body.

So I would say he's had 3 lives.