Forum Guidelines - Read before Posting (Updated 08/Dec/2006)

General announcements about the forum and its related services.

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Forum Guidelines - Read before Posting (Updated 08/Dec/2006)

Post by Spec8472 »

Here's some general guidelines, to keep this a happy forum.

The guidelines boil down to these two principles:
  • Common sense applies, most of the time.
  • If you wouldn't say it infront of your mother/brother/sister/children, think twice before posting it here.
For those that need a little more detail, here it is:
  • No Threads with "Chapter xx" as part of the Title
    Unless you are actually posting a new chapter, Don't, under ANY circumstances make a new thread along the lines of "Chapter 11".

    This really isn't funny, and doing so will likely get you hung drawn and quartered by the various story addicts.
  • No Spoilers in the General Forums
    Don't post SPOILERS about a chapter, within that chapter's announcement thread, or in the main board. Spoilers should be marked as such, and put in the appropriate SPOILERS thread in that book/universe's board.
  • Racial, Religious or Sexually abusive remarks/jokes arn't permitted under any circumstances.
  • Clearly Mark "Not Safe for Work" or other "Mature" Content
    People of all ages and from all societies and situations visit this forum. If you're linking to something adult, or "not safe for work", please indicate so clearly in the post.
  • No Porn
    Pornographic content isn't permitted, However links to Adult stories, with appropriate warnings (i.e bold "Caution: Adult Content") are OK.
  • Keep it Legal
    Links to, or posting illegal content is not permitted.
    This covers everything from Child Porn to Pirated/Copied Apps/Games/Movies/Books.
  • Don't nit-pick spelling/grammar
    Not everyone's spelling, grammar, or punctuation is perfect, nor does everyone speak/write English as their first language. Please don't nitpick for the sake of nitpicking.
  • No Flaming
    If you don't like someone, you don't need to bitch about them in the forum. If you've got a bone to pick with someone, take it to the Private Messaging facilities.
  • Test Posts
    If you're having problems posting - then go ahead and try a test post or two, but use the "Trash Can" forum to do so.
  • No Spam
    Spam isn't permitted. Don't do it.
    NOTE: This specificly includes those "get a free product name by clicking on this link" type services. Also, don't link to sites by using Paid Referrals.
  • Keep it Relevant, but no need to be uptight about it
    While the general focus is Sennadar and all of Fel's other works, it's not a requirement that you make only sennadar posts/threads. If you've found/seen/done something that you think would be of interest to others reading the forum - go ahead and post it.
  • New - 2006-12-08 No Image Embedding from 3rd party servers (aka hotlinking) - without permission
    Please do not embed images from third party sites unless that site specifically permits you to do so.

    It is preferred that you instead link to the page on which the image is normally displayed - there's no definite rule on that though, so use your own good judgement.
Feel free to discuss these. If you're not happy about something, let me know - either privately or publicly. I can handle criticism, and I'm open to discussion about how the forum should be run.

Also, If you're not happy with the way a moderator or I am doing things: Say so.

People found to be breaking the rules may be banned without warning.

Being a particularly annoying person will get your IP banned, and possibly reported to your ISP.
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Re: Forum Guidelines - Read before Posting (Updated 08/Dec/2006)

Post by Shadowhawk »

spec8472 wrote:
  • Not everyone's spelling, grammar, or punctuation is perfect, so please don't nitpick for the sake of nitpicking.
Especially that not all people here are native English speakers. Some may have perfectly understendable troubles with spelling and grammar. And sometimes they post from computer which has ONLY ALL CAPS. Happens.

But, posters, if you can check spelling before posting, e.g. SpellBound for Mozilla Suite (future SeaMonkey) and Firefox, please do it if you are not sure about your spelling.
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Re: Forum Guidelines - Read before Posting (Updated 08/Dec/2006)

Post by Spec8472 »

This is the first update to the rules in over a year - and aside from spam bots being banned, it's been pretty good from what I've seen.

I've added a note about hotlinking or embedding of images from 3rd party servers.

Basicly, unless you run the site, or the site has a policy allowing you to embed images on other sites - please don't embed the image into your post.

It's not really an issue (only one or two cases I've seen), but I thought I should post it anyway just so you're aware.

You can still embed images from sites that permit it, and you can also upload images and files as an attachment to your post if needed.

I just don't want to be getting any nasty emails from site owners complaining about bandwidth stealing :)
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Re: Forum Guidelines - Read before Posting (Updated 08/Dec/2

Post by artreus »

could we get another update,
concerning the mature forum,
as : what is it about, and whom is it for ?