spell dancer chapter 2' (spoilers)

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spell dancer chapter 2' (spoilers)

Post by SYED » Thu Oct 08, 2015 10:17 pm

great update, I like the story progress. The development of this world is cool.

I am thinking the sirens were involved in the original creation of the tattoos. I am hoping there are more to come. Either wave dancer ones, or those from the main landers. They are simply very cool. They represent a magic they spread with reasonal speed. It would simply be a matter of practice once they are gained. So they could be shared with allies in the future. The secret to the magic is the materials used and the application process.
Ones that would fit the wave dancers are some more sensory effects. We know they get improved sight under water, what about a form of echolocation or improved sense of smell/taste. Those are are senses often used in water creatures. We know they can produce ice and there are volcanoes all over the world, so either immunity or resistance to extreme heat/cold. It would allow them to explore or inhabit polar ice caps if they exist. That would expand the areas they can travel. One to deal with pressure, so able to explore the deep depths. Also, to aid in their explorations, a bioluminescent ability. A camouflage one to hide on land or sea, or simply able to hide his tattoos on land. If he can hide them, it is possible that while hidden he would not be able to use them for their fullest effect. I like the idea of a tatto that aids in climbing, trees vines or mountainous islands. They might be a water race, but they did travel between the islands, so some of their abilities would be for them.
We know the main landers created their own version. I wonder if the wave dancers could improve on them. While there is overlap, I bet some are unique to main lander users. I bet these magic are responsible for the empire gaining dominance over the mainland, which is why the art is restricted, so maintain their hold on power. These could be useful, as they would allow them to hide as rogue main land magic users, instead of a hunted people. Also, as a rogue magic user, it allows them to use magic more openly.

with such varied and dangerous seaside, how on earth can there be sea cities? The predators would be drawn there. I am betting magical defenses. So as the sirens aid in symbology, the Merfolk know about tunes and how to apply them. I like the idea of the crafting ability of wave dancers could be restored. I can see him examining other relics out in the world, learning to replicate them, and develop others in the future. Not only to be able to make their normal stuff, but I want to see what a wave dancer sky ship would be like. Since they can produce their own fresh water and salt to preserve food, their ship would allow them able to travel long term away from supplies. If they could magically shape wood with out killing it, imagine a floating tree changed into a ship, their own island always moving. I wonder if they ever developed a craft to travel underneath the water.

That floating island is either covered in runes, or it is an island on a living creature. I wonder if giant turtles are a thing here. I wonder if wavedancers ever killed leviathans from inside, allowing themselves to be swallowed then killing them from the inside. They could then freeze the water around it, so it would float and not attract predators.

so we have more names of the races. We should make a thread to contain the names and details about the races of man, it would be something to do while we wait for updates. I like the tyleshi and the joy bringers. They should get adopted by the wavedancers. The fisher folk are free to explore the Islands of the world, while the joybringers instead of using caravans, travel between settlement in flying craft, sharing music between the races.

The evil sahu, will be very important. I wonder if the have magic of their own. If they hunt humans and wavedancers in particular, I wonder if they have wavedancers relics as trophies. Shen is keeping the trident, so the saho would have their own salvage.