Bad guys(spoilers)

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Bad guys(spoilers)

Post by SYED » Thu Aug 20, 2015 9:10 pm

apparently the luskans are aiding the orcs in their plans. Am I the only one thinking the ship building people might have a side deal with them and are supplying them as well. It would explain the extreme amount of wood they have been harvesting. The thing is the presence of fox, and his decision to move here, will mean his enemies will likely aid or back these trouble makers, either secretly or out in the open. So the red mages would aid the magical people at the luskan tower. And the red wizards likely know or are aware of most if not all of those with a grudge against this guy, so they might be arranging them to turn up eventually, to wear him down before going after him themselves.
So while the current campaign plans might get shattered, who knows how future ones will be developed?