CHapter 6, the fox and the hawk, possibilities & spoilers

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CHapter 6, the fox and the hawk, possibilities & spoilers

Post by SYED » Wed Sep 03, 2014 5:01 am

So the expedition is finally at the castle and work will begin. THe portal is buried and sealed in stone, so that is a lesser danger. I wonder how big underground it will go, they do have a dwarf builder in charge as well as an earth elemental mistress as a magic user. The plateu could allow extensive underground faciities.
THe mention that there is all this stone scattered around the region, I can imagine it being dug up, carried back to the castle and shaped into use. It might not be fancy, but would offer plenty of raw material. It could be used to help strengthe the road they wish to be built, both for the land trade, and the road to the coast. It would make sense if on the main road, he has out posts where his lands begin, to keep the region secured.
I wonder how high could they build, some thing like a smaller minas tirith, it would allow them watch the region around them so much easier.

SO he will be setting up marking stones to show his territory, so along the coast and at the road. He needs to survey his lands and map them out properly. His small port, needs to be defendable from ground and water, as well as, a doc for ships, as well as some ship yard capability for repairs and ship building. What was the region he planed to claim, everything in say three day riding of the castle, and all the way to the coast.

The thing while guarded,it is the single most valuable target in the region with all their supplies and resources. so there will be those who attack. so they will be drawn in, and fox can clean them up. even though he is just setting up, he will be a safe location, so able to buy stuff from passing wagons, it will be the perfect rest stop on the route.