Just a note about baseball

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Just a note about baseball

Post by Banner » Fri Mar 07, 2014 6:01 am

I thought I'd post this here, because I thought you might find it interesting. Then again, maybe not but anyways, in baseball a pitcher may not switch from right hand to left hand during a game. Stupid rule I know, there are so few pitchers who can pitch with either hand that you think they would favor a switch pitcher over a switch hitter. But it did happen once that a switch pitcher came up against a switch hitter and yes, they kept switching positions and that was delaying the game so a ruling had to be made.

This is one of those trivia things that me and a few friends used to discuss back when we were major baseball nerds. Also it is why you do not see pitchers who can switch anymore. And that's a real shame because switching takes some major talent and practice.