Chapter 4, Fox and the Hawk(possibilities)

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Chapter 4, Fox and the Hawk(possibilities)

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Fel said that after he updated shadow walker, this would be next, that happened so i thought i would start this so people can make all sorts of wild guesses and theories.

So fox has just spanked waterdeep royally economiclly for messing with him, he made loads of money and got many supplies cheaper then expected, so far i think hes making profits already. Soon he will head out to dragon spear castle. He has three options, go by land, sea or both.
Land would be slower but more direct to the castle, if heads to prospective cove, would need to build a road as well to the castle. Even in its current state still safer than than open monster infested territory. At least either way, plenty of lumber to sell later. I wonder if they negotiated some ships into a long term contract to ship goods to the proposed cove. With all the mercenaries and warehouse space hired for 2 years, he could potentially pull it off again.

The area is all a part of the Lords Alliance, varios city and towns working to ensure their protection. The black network while fox enemy, is also their enemy, they worked hard to attempt to gain power in the west. The fact fox is their enemy, would make those in power see him favouably.
The draco linches, are all dependant on phylactery, fox is a master thief after all these years, anf his domain does have a gate way to hell. I wonder what hapend when a phylactery, is thrown into hell.

He hired every hand he could in the city, so a city worth of workers, to rebuild a castle and create a road. Then likly build docks and other buildings and fortifications.
THe trees cut down will be used in construction and to be sold off later. Karra as an earth mage could supply all the stone needed, so speedy construction. By hiring warehouse space, and forcing them to sell goods cheaply, he can then reap the profits. THis will help him gain influence through the other places of import.

Wont fox really piss off najara by taking this castle.
So fox will get in trouble for allowing all races regardless of alignment in his lands, i wonder how many places were all can oopenly trade and interact without subterfuge.

FOx while a great warrior and adventurer wont solve his problems by killing the bad guys, he is much sneakier. I predict that his enemies may find themselves being relieved of their possesions. THe Red Wizards would be donating magical objects, while the Dragon CUlt will find their hoards mysteriously disappearing. THese place are oceon based trading areas, so could mess with them. FOr example, in waterdeep that mage tower he snuck in but never robbed, he could go back and then ransome the goods back to the city.
As the blackstaff still lives, we know for certain it is before 1374 but after 1367, how will fox and his castle do to change what happens. He has his speed and flight skills so could travel very quickly if needed.
1367- THis is the year the blackstaff retired from being a masked lord.
1368-war between baldur gate and amn, due to bhaalspawn crisis.
1369-forces of Iakhovas attack the near by coast. THeir master lives to take magical objects. WHo wants to bet fox is likly to rob them? Halaster is kidnapped, he sends a message to all those of the art within 400 miles. could karra hear. save him and get access to his portal powers. Orlbar is taken over by the Zhentarim but loose dagger falls.
1370-moonstars are made in waterdeep. would fox help or mess with them.
1371-fox could help break the seige of Evereska. attack by sea monsters in water deep, would they attack fox harbour.
1372- Drought in western faerun.
1373-rage of dragons.
1374- blackstaff dies creating a city on the high moor, a secret one. If fox secures other sites on the moor, then be the supplier for the city. sword coast is atttacked by king of shadows.
1375-halaster dies and many are summoned.

I wonder, Fox has a Ring of Elemental Command for air, if his wife seeing as she is an accomplished Earth mage and his opposite, would he attempt to get a Ring of Elemental Command for her but this time for earth. Eithet needs to be blessed by holy material from the elemental plane in question or by slaying an elemental there.

There are sites that show the costs to make gear, both magical and ordinary, as well as prices to sell them at. If Karra has a bunch of apprentices and students, she can get them to make Wands, Spells, Scrolls, Staffs as practise and a way to make goods to sell. These four types are good magic goods to sell as they have a limited shelf life and lifespan. They could also magicly upgrade goods brought to them. Due to rings and rods permance, probally for personnel use or for their holdings. Fox may not rely on magic, but it makes sense in bolstering their resources. There also many enchantments that can be placed on weapons, so will fox be further upgrading his gear.

There is a limit to how much a bag of holding can contain, the largest can deal with 1500lb, using a volume of 250 cu.ft. So it is likly he stored treasure in various caches in the west, can Karra provide his with a summoning scroll and a magic ring to read it. A portable hole is a pit with 6 ft diameter, 10 deep.