Thor's Child - in general terms

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Thor's Child - in general terms

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In all honesty, everyone probably knows I started writing this tale because of an idea gleaned from Fel's incomplete story; 'Alpha Project' -- after all that idea was discussed on this forum. However, once I began writing I decided that along with my own ideas, I would try to follow several of Fel's own 'Rules of Engagement' - which I am trying to weave into the plot. For instance, my character(s) are limited in their use of ESP abilities by certain physical factors as well as mental factors. I'm certain any long time fan can find the reference to that limitation in Fel's work. Don't be surprised if and when others crop up! I found eleven of those 'rules' which I plan to use as a basic limitations of how far I can extend a character's abilities.

Just to let you know, I used my normal procedure of writing the first paragraph and the last paragraph of the story, then filed that away for later reference. The first paragraph appeared in the prologue and I'm sure you know where and when the last paragraph will appear. After that I abandoned my normal plotting process wherein each chapter is diligently noted, planned and constantly referred to as I write. Instead the 'plot' for this story is a list of ideas about thirty lines long containing fifty six points I wanted to cover. Those fifty six basic ideas, added to the eleven scrounged 'Rules of Engagement' and sixteen specific rules I created to compliment them, are the only rules I'm following while writing, the rest happens when it happens. I'm also limiting myself to using human characters and characteristics, so the people I've created might well be people who exist in the real world (probably under different names) and live just down the street from you. For the rest of it, I'm flying by the seat of my britches and driving three friends nuts as they do their best to assist me in editing what I write.

Just so you know, the geography of the area where the Eklund and Enright families have their new farms does exist in the real world and the two valleys which are mentioned in some detail are areas which I have visited. I have no plans to divulge that actual location however, other than the fact that it is within the boundaries of mainland British Columbia, Canada. I have no plans to divulge the specific year(s) in which the story takes place either, but I am dropping clues - only because those clues are part of the story.

To be absolutely honest, I'm having fun with this story. Unfortunately I've just accepted a money making project, which may take away some of my writing time and of course I'm working around health and medical issues. Which really is only a warning that I may not be able to continue to write two chapters a week as I have been doing - we'll see.

I'm enjoying the time spent writing this, I hope you're enjoying what I've written.

K Pelle aka GBLW
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Re: Thor's Child - in general terms

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I really enjoy reading your work m8
so please do go on,
take care, thanks