Detour to Otherwhen - chapter 8

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Detour to Otherwhen - chapter 8

Post by GBLW »

Here's another chapter -- rushed to print. After a reread I realize that what I wrote might be thought of as a tiny little cliff hanger - sorry 'bout that, but at least you know that the next chapter will start out at an interesting point.

K Pelle
K Pelle aka GBLW
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Re: Detour to Otherwhen - chapter 8

Post by konman »

Thanks a lot.

Great reading.
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Re: Detour to Otherwhen - chapter 8

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Thank you
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Re: Detour to Otherwhen - chapter 8

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Wow 85 downloads and just three people reply.

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Re: Detour to Otherwhen - chapter 8

Post by Delvfar »


Believe it or not I have participated in an event much like you described though not at all for the same reason! :)

It was a Halloween haunted forest and we had surrounded a clearing of about an acre with10 foot tall translucent manicans, each of which had a 3 color light inside them.

A tale was told and the conclusion of it was the circle slowly being lit. Very Spooky and very effective! Great way to end this chapter!

Looking forward to what comes next!

John Delvfar
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Re: Detour to Otherwhen - chapter 8

Post by crxbnt »

Thanks for the new chapter! This is a great story, and I am glad to see the chapters steadily appear.

Thanks for sharing with us.

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Re: Detour to Otherwhen - chapter 8

Post by giddiani »

Thanks for continuing to include us in your wonderful world.