Shifters, test chapter.

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Re: Shifters, test chapter.

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I joined specifically to say thank you for sharing your creativity with us. I have read almost all of your stories. Great works.
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Re: Shifters, test chapter.

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Why do i like every story you put out.
Oh well never mind just let me read more.
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Re: Shifters, test chapter.

Post by CoatOSilver »

Nice chapter with lots of potential, looking forward for the the whole story to develop.

Rafaels plans for the future got a bit repetitive. Being a baseball/football star and going back to spain is a nice motivation but repeating it 5+ times over 30 pages or so gets boring, especially as they already got trashed in the very first chapter.
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Re: Shifters, test chapter.

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Will this become a regular story?
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Re: Shifters, test chapter.

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Well in between F&H, this could be a regular Christmas story continuation. :)
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Re: Shifters, test chapter.

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Just found this chapter and now I can't wait to see more.
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Re: Shifters, test chapter.

Post by books »

way to go, looks like another great story in the making.

looking forward to reading it..
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Re: Shifters, test chapter.

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It is an interesting start. There are many areas that repeat an idea, but I think what surprised me more was the pendant. There is no mention of it or its importance until the picture on the beach. It does seem to come out of left field (little pun).