Citadel Online, Chapter 15.

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Re: Citadel Online, Chapter 15.

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JusttheTip wrote: Sun Apr 25, 2021 12:08 am This is great, thanks Fel. I have really enjoyed your stories over the years. Do you have a patreon to which I can contribute? I would love to give back a little to someone who has provided so much entertainment.

It would be neat if this was leading to the outer planes and something like Tarrin's adventure in the city of Concordant Opposition, finally allowing different shards to interact, like a multiverse.
I believe this Paypal link is still working:
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Re: Citadel Online, Chapter 15.

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While I agree that the story is utterly fantastic, I disagree that the outer planes would fit into it. however it is Fel's story and if he takes it there I am sure I would enjoy how he does it.

i just wait patiently (at least i try to be patient) for the next post, and the next story as Fel is my favorite online author.

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