Revelation, Chapter 1.

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Re: Revelation, Chapter 1.

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Thanks, Fel!
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Re: Revelation, Chapter 1.

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My condolences on the passing of your mother.

Thank you for putting in the effort and continuing this story for us.
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Re: Revelation, Chapter 1.

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Oh goodness gracious.

I certainly was not expecting to see a posting of a Revelation chapter for at least another month or more.

Thank you Fel for your creative efforts.
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Re: Revelation, Chapter 1.

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Take the time you need to deal with the grief. We will all be waiting. That being said I certainly know we appreciate your new chapter. So thank you oh so very much.
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Re: Revelation, Chapter 1.

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Fel what ever time you need take it, grief is a bad ass mother to have to tackle, and you never really get over it you just become better equipped to deal with the pain over time, my father passed in 1983, and I still feel the empty space it just doesn't overwhelm me as much as it used to. love, when the one you love passes, stays there but the one you loved can't be passed the love you have for them anymore so it feels weird not being able to express it to them anymore. You are fine, and will recover your balance in time and with patience. Much respect and love sent to you with hope and prayers for you to find the balance you need to preserver in the projects and efforts you expend into the future.
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Re: Revelation, Chapter 1.

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Thanks Fel!

Time will ease your grief my friend....I know from personal experience.
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Re: Revelation, Chapter 1.

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Thanks Fel!!
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Re: Revelation, Chapter 1.

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Thanks Fel!
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Re: Revelation, Chapter 1.

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the passing any loved one is a trying time, and especially a mothers. I feel for you, as I experienced the same 8 years ago.

you will always remember them, and miss them. God Bless
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Re: Revelation, Chapter 1.

Post by Seanot »

First of all thank you Fel for the another chapter in this great series.
Second, i would like to ask if there is a character list for the Subjugation Series?
If not, would it be possible to get one.

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Re: Revelation, Chapter 1.

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Mr James Galloway aka Fel, it’s been a long time between drinks 😀😉. Firstly my sincere condolences to you and your family. My only comment is that I understand how you feel. It does become easier as time passes.I’m coming up 68 still a young buck 🤪. I’ve had both COVID-19 jabs 👍. Your writing has given me great pleasure for many years and for that I am eternally grateful. I would like to think that you are well and safe and staying focused on what is good and positive in these crazy times. Take solace knowing that you have been a inspiration to many. That’s something you can be very proud of. Be safe and well. Best wishes, RobJ.
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Re: Revelation, Chapter 1.

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Thanks for the chapter. I’m looking forward to finding the time to read it! :P
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Re: Revelation, Chapter 1.

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Thanks for the chapter Fel ! :D
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Re: Revelation, Chapter 1.

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Thank you, Fel :mrgreen:
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