Spirit Walker, chapter 3

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Re: Spirit Walker, chapter 3

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Wow, I'm a little late. Just saw the new chapter. Excellent as always. Something tells me I don't think we've seen last of the wolf yet. Finally some thoughts from Shadow Fox, I was wondering if we'd 'hear' anything from her or if she was just going to be a more of a passive character. Can't wait for more Fel.
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Re: Spirit Walker, chapter 3

Post by dellstart »

Fel, great stuff as usual.Thanks.

This is really looking awesome. I wonder who our walking vigilante's going to whack next. :P
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Re: Spirit Walker, chapter 3

Post by freethrow »

Hey Fel,

Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. I especially thank you for your recent tendency to post new chapters so quickly. And, I want to especially especially thank you for all things you write being so damn enjoyable to read. :)

If we were all evil or crazy people here, sort of like that Cathy Bates character in the movie Misery, we wouldn't even have to break your ankles to get you to write more for us at the rate you are producing work on your own. I hope you take solace in knowing that. :mrgreen:
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Re: Spirit Walker, chapter 3

Post by medico69 »

I agree with Cougar2k2 I think the wolf will be back. But as to who is next on the "hit list" well we will have to see who or whom unsets our new spirit walker in chapter 4.

Great chapter Fel, you are the man :)
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Re: Spirit Walker, chapter 3

Post by FinalChapter »

thx Fel!
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Re: Spirit Walker, chapter 3

Post by Mizriath »

Hmm.... Fel,

this is going to be a blockbuster story.... nuff said.
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